Fun ways to hack and use the IKEA KYRRE stool

ikea kyrre nesting tables

IKEA KYRRE hacks turn this triangular shaped stool into more than a stool.

The IKEA KYRRE stool seems the successor to the very popular (and beloved) FROSTA stool. Like the FROSTA, it is made from birch plywood and birch veneer with the same lovely bent legs. Unlike its predecessor it has only 3 legs, tapered, and a unique triangular-shaped seat.

On the whole, the KYRRE stool looks lighter and appears smaller. It also leaves you guessing whether it is a stool or a small side table.

We’re happy to note that IKEA hacks for the KYRRE stool is trending up and we hope they will, one day, rival the many amazing FROSTA stool hacks we have.

Check out these fun IKEA KYRRE stool hacks we have so far …

#1 IKEA KYRRE stool MCM side table hack

I purchased the IKEA KYRRE stool with an idea to make an MCM coffee table but decided I didn’t want to take up floor space and made this side table instead.

Items needed/used:

KYRRE stool x 1 (legs only)
8″ round wood project panel x 1 (Purchased at my local big box home improvement store)
Multiple wood shims
Various length wood screws
White high gloss paint
Wood glue


Hacking the IKEA KYRRE stool into an MCM round side table

I glued 4 shims for each leg to the round wood top (bottom side). The shims gave me the desired angle of the legs I wanted. 

shims and KYRRE legs

Then, I painted the wood top with a high gloss interior paint.   

Once completely dried I used wood screws to attach the legs to the wood top, through the shims adding a third screw to each leg in the center of the two original holes. 

Various length screws were necessary due to the depth created by the shims. I then wrote the construction date on the underside of the tabletop. Done!

Here’s how it looks next to the original with the triangular seat. I think it gave me the MCM look I wanted.

IKEA KYRRE stool hacks into MCM side table

#2 KYRRE seat for model airplane wall hanging

With the seat left over from the MCM side table hack, I made a wall hanging for one of my favorite airplanes, a DC-3

Items used:

KYRRE stool top
Picture hanging wire and hooks

Attached the plane to the top with screws and a small bit of construction adhesive at the points where the plane touched the wood.   

I left the top as original, no coatings.   

Picture hanging wire and hooks on the backside for mounting. 

~ by Charlie  

#3 Hack a set of small nesting tables from IKEA KYRRE stools

Using 2 IKEA KYRRE stools I made a compact, corner-friendly set of nesting tables in record time.

I had wanted nesting tables due to space restriction in the living room.

The plan being the higher table would hold a pot plant. The lower table would slide out very easily to sit next to the EKENÄSET armchair to provide a stable place for a cup of coffee etc. And then be out of the way again afterwards.

IKEA KYRRE nesting table hack
KYRRE stools and EKENASET armchair

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I didn’t want square or rectangular nesting tables as the whole living room is full of right angles. Commercially available round tables with round metal bases were just not what I was after. (And often very heavy as well).

Most tables were too large or too high. I feel this little hack of the KYRRE stools gave me exactly what I was looking for at a bargain price.


I now have 2 extra stools (albeit with one at a children’s height) for emergency seating when extra people visit.

A week after finishing this hack I went to IKEA again to look for something else.

As I was walking through the shop I noticed the IKEA SVALSTA nesting tables. I honestly can’t say if I made a subconscious note of them before I had the inspiration to use the KYRRE.

But there is a definite family resemblance …

Materials used:

2 KYRRE stools
1 tape measure and a pencil
1 hand saw

IKEA KYRRE stools to nesting tables

It’s very easy to do: Assemble the first KYRRE. That’s your top table. 

Before you assemble the second KYRRE, measure, mark and saw off 7.5 cms from each leg. Prior to cutting, make sure the bottom angles sit well on the floor.

IKEA KYRRE nesting tables

Sandpaper off any rough bits from the sawing, then assemble as per the first stool.

That’s it.


Total cost in the Netherlands: 20 Euro. 

I had initially hoped the lower KYRRE would sit flush under the higher one. But this only works if you lift the higher one onto the lower one.

And quite frankly, it then looks like two stools rather than nesting tables. So I’m happier with the look it has now. 

IKEA KYRRE nesting tables

I am debating whether to add a veneer trim of darker wood to the edges of the seat. And perhaps also down each leg side to tie-in the colour of the tables to the dark wood of the EKENÄSET armchair?

I will update if this happens. Besides, I’m not sure how stain-resistant the surfaces are to spills so I may also need to varnish the KYRRE. One last thing, I will stick on felt under the newly cut legs to protect the floor.

~ by Emma

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