Did you know IKEA has a secret Spring 2020 catalog?

ikea spring 2020 catalog

Well, maybe not a big secret, but it’s a big and delightful surprise for me — an IKEA Spring 2020 catalog.

Two IKEA catalogs in a year? What a treat!

IKEA Spring 2020 catalog

It follows the same format as the annual catalog, starting with gorgeous spreads of well-lived homes. As usual, IKEA covers various living arrangements — solo living, as a couple, living with a parent and a family of 4.

Each home is styled differently, running the gamut of modern Scandinavian style to simple, rustic homes.

IKEA Spring 2020 catalog

PLATSA bed frame with 4 drawers | PLATSA wardrobe with 2 doors + 3 drawers

The main difference I detect from this catalog versus the one that came out last July are the organizing solutions. Obviously, this is geared for Spring — the season to awaken the senses and get moving! It’s time to get the home sorted.

The catalog for home organization

Caroline Hjertström, Acting Global Catalogue Manager at IKEA Communications AB, confirms this in a press release. “Every day is filled with activities, and each season brings old traditions and new things to do. So, making the most of our time is a priority, but finding the space to hold all the things that allow us to do that with ease is a challenge. Using existing space to the optimum is often key.”

She sums it up saying the IKEA Spring Catalogue 2020 is dedicated especially to organising, good sleep and self-care in the bathroom.

Within the pages, you’ll see lots of ideas for bedroom and bathroom organization, as well as workspaces. The outdoor range for Spring is well featured too.

IKEA Spring 2020 catalog - hallway

KNOTTEN standing desk | MACKAPAR shoe rack | SKÅDIS pegboard

IKEA Spring 2020 catalog - laundry

SALTHOLMEN folding table and 2 chairs | JÄLL drying rack | JONAXEL Frame/wire baskets/top shelf

The IKEA Spring Catalogue 2020 is part of a test, and it is distributed in France, Japan, Singapore and Sweden. IKEA timed the release with the spring launch of new IKEA products and collections.

The items featured in the catalog should already be or will be popping up in stores very soon.

IKEA Spring 2020 catalog - patio

FREDÖN hammock | SÖTHOLMEN cushion cover | TÄRNÖ chair

Unless you live in those 4 specific markets, you may not be able to get your hands on a physical copy. Nevertheless, you can still browse or download a copy online.

IKEA Spring 2020 catalog - dining

VANGSTA Extendable table | LEIFARNE chair | SKYMNINGEN pendant lamp

Browse the IKEA Spring 2020 catalog online from these countries: Singapore, Japan, Sweden or France.

Could this be the start of more catalogs in the future? It may go that way if this passes the “test”.

Will it diminish the anticipation for the annual catalog, making it less of an event to look forward to? What do you think?

More photos from the IKEA Spring 2020 catalog

Kids room
Living room

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