IKEA Catalog 2020 is here! And the 20 best new things to look out for

IKEA catalog 2020

One of the best things to happen this week: The release of the IKEA Catalog 2020.

IKEA Catalog 2020 and 20 best new things to look out for

I’ve not received a physical copy but still, I’ve managed to spent the better part of today browsing the 280 pages online. It’s chock a block full of inspiration and ideas, as they have always been.

This year’s theme is “Save our Sleep” and it’s crafted around the research that shows global average for hours slept has fallen from 8 to a little over 6 in the last 50 years.

I personally know my day will be full of coffee spills, stubbed toes and embarrassing typos when I have less than my ideal 8 hours. So this issue is very close to heart.

IKEA Catalog 2020 and 20 best new things to look out for

As expected there are lots of cozy, plush beddings, blackout blinds and snooze inducing ideas. I likey.

IKEA Catalog 2020 and the 5 core emotional needs of home

Besides that, the catalog features 5 different homes. Each home is designed to show situations and solutions that help illustrate the five core emotional needs, when people talk about home.

IKEA Catalog 2020 and 20 best new things to look out for

According to IKEA they are a sense of belonging, ownership (or control), security, comfort and privacy.

IKEA Catalog 2020 and 20 best new things to look out for

Needless to say, each home is a study in itself. When you get your hands on your copy, pore over the details to see how the rooms work. Lots of inspiration on every page.

And of course, no catalog is complete without the introduction of bright shiny new products.

These are my 20 favorites from the IKEA Catalog 2020

SLÄKT twin bed frame with storage – $279.00
SLAKT twin bed IKEA Catalog 2020 and 20 best new things to look out for

Well, if you were thinking of hacking a MALM platform storage bed, you don’t have to anymore.

BUSKBO ARMCHAIR + DJUPVIK cushion  IKEA Catalog 2020 and 20 best new things to look out for

In my books, rattan will never lose its charm. So this one sits well with me.

LUBBAN serving cart – $69
LUBBAN serving cart IKEA Catalog 2020 and 20 best new things to look out for

Love how functional this is. It works in the living room as a side table. Or bedroom as a nightstand. And so easy to move around.

NISSAFORS cart – $24.99
NISSAFORS cart IKEA Catalog 2020 and 20 best new things to look out for

Yes, another cart! Isn’t this just waiting to be converted into a drinks cart?

NIKKEBY 4 drawer dresser – $79
NIKKEBY 4 drawer dresser IKEA Catalog 2020 and 20 best new things to look out for

Is this the new IKEA PS cabinet?

SLATTUM upholstered queen bed frame – $129
SLATTUM upholstered queen bed frame

I dig how classy and unfussy this is. A classic in the making.

SAXBORGA storage box with mirrored lid – $19.99
SAXBORGA storage box with mirrored lid

This is a brilliant vanity kit for those who don’t have space for a dressing table.

VENNESLA table mirror – $59.99
VENNESLA table mirror

A round mirror with a drawer nested in its stand. Prop it on any flat surface and there you have it, a makeup vanity.

MÖJLIGHET mirror – $29.99

Another mirror that caught my eye. It comes with a phone holder (makeup tutorials, here we come!), a small bowl for trinkets and hooks.

MÖJLIGHET noticeboard/whiteboard with basket – $34.99
MÖJLIGHET noticeboard

Still in the MÖJLIGHET range, a cute noticeboard and whiteboard combo. Handy basket for pens, notes, etc.

TRANARÖ stool/side table – $19.99
TRANARÖ stool/side table

The half-circle metal stool/ side table is so versatile. Use one as a side table or stool, put two together for a coffee table. Love it when furniture can serve more than one function.

VONSBÄK low pile rug (5′ 7 ” x 7′ 7″) – $69.99
VONSBÄK low pile rug

Vintage rugs can cost an arm and a leg. This is IKEA’s version with the essential worn out vintage vibe. Comes in 4 different sizes. I hope it looks just as good in person.

LAUTERS floor lamp – $49.99
LAUTERS floor lamp

Height-adjustable lamp shade that will go well in any corner of the room. The shade is made from recycled PET bottles. Also comes in a slightly more expensive version with LED bulb.  

LIVSVERK vase – $12.99

So pretty. This vase is all calm and serenity.

TRANGET rug , flatwoven – $229
TRANGET rug , flatwoven

This is the distant cousin of the STOCKHOLM rug — the blue one.

SKUGGBRÄCKA Duvet cover and pillowcase – $24.99
SKUGGBRÄCKA Duvet cover and pillowcase

If you’re into high contrast, this one’s for you.

MELLÖSA picture ledge, clear, $12.99
MELLÖSA picture ledge, clear

The new RIBBA picture ledge. Transparent ledges that let your pictures and objects shine.

LISTERBY console table, $99
LISTERBY console table

Finally, a cute table for behind the sofa or as an entryway console. If you stack and secure a few units vertically, you can hack it into a lovely shelving unit too.

SVENSHULT Wall shelf with storage – $29.99
SVENSHULT Wall shelf with storage, IKEA Catalog 2020

Used in multiples, this arched shelving unit becomes a playful wall statement.

NIKKEBY clothes rack – $60
NIKKEBY clothes rack, IKEA Catalog 2020

IKEA made this as a clothes rack, but I also see plant stand and room divider. What about you?

I hope you enjoyed my 20 picks from the IKEA Catalog 2020. Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

All images courtesy of IKEA.