Get this to warm up your next grocery shopping trip

sunnersta container

Brilliant $0.99 shopping cart cup holder!

I came up with this IKEA hack and I get a ton of comments every time I pull it out. It’s pretty simple but effective.

Basically I never go anywhere without a hot beverage.

But when I go grocery shopping it is a real pain. For some reason, grocery shopping is a two handed sport.

So I thought there has got to be a product I can put into the buggy to hold my coffee while I shop.

I looked on Amazon and couldn’t find anything. Then it hit me……

I remembered seeing a SUNNERSTA container at IKEA and I thought it would be perfect. And it is! 

99 cent IKEA shopping cart cup holder

SUNNERSTA container |

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I highly recommend keeping one (or two, in case your partner get jealous) in your car with your reusable bags.

99 cent IKEA shopping cart cup holder

Here is my shopping cart cup holder in action.

coffee caddy sunnersta shopping cart cup holder

Ok, happy shopping.

~ by Trevor Aurocco

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