Q: MALM + KALLAX bed hack with SNARUM mattress?

I want to make a storage bed like the one below by el_massey:


I’ll be using 2 MALM dressers with 3 drawers and 2 KALLAX 2×4

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But instead of adding bed slats on top I would like to just add a IKEA spring mattress that has a built-in base like the SNARUM.

IKEA SNARUM mattress base

SNARUM Wooden base sprung mattress | Buy on IKEA.com

Will there be a problem with weight distribution or will it work? In my mind the bed usually has 4 small wooden legs that holds it up but will the MALM and KALLAX hold?

~ by Fanny


Hi Fanny

The IKEA SNARUM mattress base is basically a wooden box with plywood across, overlaid with a layer of mattress. By the looks of it, it should hold up in your construction.

IKEA SKARER mattress base

Cross section of the SKÅRER Wooden base sprung mattress | IKEA.com

The MALM and KALLAX has a slight height difference — so do make sure to prop the KALLAX up (with thin plywood) until they are level with the MALM. When level, the weight of the bed base will be evenly distributed.

Let us know how it turned out.

Happy hacking,


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