3 fun ways to use the IKEA KNAGGLIG box

The IKEA KNAGGLIG box is one of my personal favourites. The solid pine box is pretty sturdy and is great for storing larger and heavier things like my tools and paint cans.


KNAGGLIG box | Buy on IKEA.com

Also, a great space saver that lets you stack two boxes on top of one another.


Photo: IKEA.com

Here are three ways to take the useful IKEA KNAGGLIG box further:

#1 Bright and fun kids bookcase from KNAGGLIG boxes

I wanted to create a unique and colourful bookcase for my son’s birthday and found these KNAGGLIG crates that were screaming for some special treatment. 

IKEA item used: 

The whole process took quite some time, but end result I’m happy with and my son loves it!

IKEA KNAGGLIG box for kids room storage

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1. First fill all the staple holes and wood knot imperfections with wood putty.
2. Sand down to achieve smooth finish.
3. Painted 2 coats of wood knot protector undercoat on each crate section.
4. Spray painted each crate in a different gloss paint.
5. Assemble each crate once completely dried.
6. Join crates together using screws.
7. Fill each section and enjoy!

~ by Helen Clements

#2 IKEA KNAGGLIG box shelf

This is my first hack and it’s a pretty easy one. You just need an IKEA KNAGGLIG Box to turn it into a wall shelf with an additional board! 

1. Start with a KNAGGLIG crate. I used the smaller one.


2. Remove the bottom panel.

remove bottom

3. Divide the panel into two portions of 2/3 and 1/3 sections according to the planks.

cut panel

4. Shorten the smaller plank to match the inside width of the KNAGGLIG crate.

shorten panel

5. Remove the bracket from the discarded section and reattach to the smaller shelf.

reattach bracket

6. Using screws, attach the smaller shelf to the inside of the KNAGGLIG crate.

fix shelf

7. You can then position the larger KNAGGLIG shelf anywhere you want. I decided to place it next to the box shelf.


8. Screw onto the wall with appropriate wall fixings. And it’s all done.

IKEA KNAGGLIG box wall shelf
IKEA KNAGGLIG box wall shelf

~ by Markus

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#3 KNAGGLIG magazine rack + side table

This took me a bit less than 2 hours.

Material List:
Tools used:

1. Assemble one of the KNAGGLIG crates as per instructions.


2. Attach HEJNE end pieces to KNAGGLIG short sides. I used small brad nails salvaged from deconstructed KNAGGLIG crates in other projects.

Hejne end
Hejne end

3. Cut square notches in the upper corners of the long KNAGGLIG sides about 1-1/4 inches square to accommodate the HEJNE pieces at the bottom of the short KNAGGLIG sides.

Hejne inserted

4. Insert the notched sides into the assembled KNAGGLIG.

5. Using four short screws included with the KNAGGLIG, attach the KNAGGLIG bottom to the short sides opposite the HEJNE pieces.

6. Using the four long screws included with the KNAGGLIG, attach the HEJNE pieces to the four corner posts of the assembled KNAGGLIG.

IKEA KNAGGLIG magazine rack side table
IKEA KNAGGLIG magazine rack side table

The dividers are unattached making for flexible sections.

~ by Ren