Kids love climbing: A rock wall headboard

Wall organizer makes a fun kids rock climbing wall headboard.

I’m Camilla’s daddy, a handsome 3-year-old at 12 kgs.

I hacked the IKEA SKÅDIS wall organizer to become a functional headboard and at same time, a mini kids rock climbing wall. 

kids rock climbing wall

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IKEA item used:

A kind of easy procedure with kids’ safety first in mind. 

For this reason, I fixed the SKÅDIS pegboard with the original upper side fixing point. Then, I also added two more sustain at the bottom using a total of 4 Fisher wall plugs (each 4mm dia. with 20kg axial load, 80 kg total each board).

skadis pegboard

I bought separately some commercial wall rocks holds and fixed them with M8 screws and crimped washers on the hidden side.

kids rock climbing wall

I also added some random handles.


The full drill and mount required about one day.

The system is modular … so it is growing, is fun and adjustable. Under the wall/ headboard is the bed for a soft landing.

kids rock climbing wall

~ by Giacomo

CAUTION: Please DO NOT reproduce this hack if you are unsure how to make it safe for your child.

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