Bricking news: LEGO BYGGLEK the best gift yet

13 Instagram posts show why the LEGO BYGGLEK should be top on your gift list.

Almost three months ago, IKEA and LEGO launched the product of their collaboration — BYGGLEK in the US and Europe. (I’m still waiting!)

My first thought was that the BYGGLEK was “just” a collection of boxes of different sizes: one set of three small boxes, a large and medium box. Along with the boxes, a set of LEGO bricks to kick-start the play experience.

What has happened since?

Did they remain as dusty storage boxes in dark cupboards?

Well, I should have known better. A studded surface never remains so with LEGO fans. A check on Instagram hashtag #bygglek revealed lots of delightful creations.

Oh what fun.

Homage to IKEA
Play at home

Many BYGGLEK creations centered around homes. Like this Grecian styled house.

Or beach house. @hello.bricks used the various BYGGLEK boxes to create a 3 level home any minifig would love. I mean it has a barbecue pit and jacuzzi.

And this amazing structure from @trickybricks.

Granted, you need a lot more of other LEGO pieces besides the BYGGLEK, but setting the creations on a platform seem to elevate the design.

Three swipes (or click the right arrow) to see the tea box by @mind_the_brick. Perfect for that too.

A fantastic harbor front home. The BYGGLEK box lets raise the street scene and add a metro line and port.

A pool villa. I wouldn’t mind staying-at-home here.

Christmas comes early

Lots of Christmas creations on the box too. This one, funnily with Santa partying with Stormtroopers. You never know.

Santa lights up on this one.

In case you’re wondering what’s happening at North Pole.

LEGO BYGGLEK, the gift that keeps on giving.

Delicious designs

And of course, food. A hot dog is included in the LEGO BYGGLEK 201-piece brick set. The chef and his kitchen comes with too.

This LEGO fridge takes the cake.

Lastly, a menagerie.