10 IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard accessories you wish IKEA made

The IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard system comes with a fantastic range of accessories.


Photo: IKEA.com

But …

There’s always room for more.

We found some useful ones from Etsy sellers, patching up gaps in the use of the SKÅDIS system.

Or, if you have access to a 3D printer, check out Thingverse for a library of 3D printed IKEA SKÅDIS compatible pegboard accessories.

Made for the art and craft room

Hang up tubes of paint for easy access. This is specially made for the Vallejo brand, so do check the diameter of your paint bottles before getting one. The holders come in 4 different colours. Get them here.

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard accessories for paint bottles

Photo: ArtyBCN3D

Keep your threads and bobbins organised with these holders. A simple plastic attachment that lets you thread your spools through. Easy and effective. Get thread holders and bobbin holders.

Photo: Patternsandpages

As for longer items, like pens, markers and brushes, this holder is the one you’ve been asking for. It fits crochet hooks too.


Photo: my3dbase

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For the entryway

Small entryway? Use a SKÅDIS pegboard to keep sunglasses, keys, all in their place.

sunglass holder

Photo: my3dbase

If you find the white and grey hooks from IKEA rather blah, these colourful hooks are the way to go. 12 colours to choose from.

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard accessories

Photo: Avatoronto

Make it work in the games room

Make space on the SKÅDIS for your headphones. A classy holder with a small footprint. Comes in a few options like copper and marble, brass or black. If you’re always wondering how to hang up your headphones, this one is worth checking out.

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard accessories for headphone

Photo: lemmefix

Display your PS5/Xbox controllers in style. Discreet SKÅDIS mounts keep them in place and on display till your next game. Details here.

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard accessories for game controller

Photo: my3dbase

For the coffee station

A minimal coffee filter holder that plugs into the SKÅDIS beautifully. Especially if your coffee station is already using the SKÅDIS system. Available here in 6 options.

coffee filter holder

Photo: lemmefix

Regular pegboard to IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard

Don’t have a SKÅDIS pegboard? Fret not. You can convert your regular pegboard to IKEA SKÅDIS with this adapter and start using all the amazing accessories for it.

skadis adapter pegboard

Photo: Davipro

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