Q: Can you help identify these old IKEA armchairs?

We’re stumped. Can you help identify these IKEA armchairs?

#1 Is this an EKTORP armchair?

Trying to find out the name of this IKEA armchair (ID number 10638) which I bought in the UK back in 1994-95.

Looks like an EKTORP but dimensions are different.

Any ideas??

identify ikea armchairs
identify ikea armchairs

~ Constantine Galatis


Hi Constantine

I’m stumped on this one. I flipped through all the old IKEA catalogs from the 90s and this is the closest match.

The ÄLVROS, probably a predecessor to the EKTORP.


It also comes with a 2- and 3-seater.


My other thought is … it is an EKTORP!

IKEA has been known to make slight changes to the dimensions of their products from time to time. So the current measurements may not match an older version of the EKTORP.

A check with the most popular IKEA slipcover makers have not turned up anything definitive either. But you can submit a request and they may be able to provide more details.

Failing which, my suggestion would be to DIY your slipcover.

Since it’s an old armchair, the DIY route is worth a try. You don’t even need to know how to work a sewing machine.

Good luck and happy hacking! If you do make a cover, we’ll love to see it.

#2 Mystery IKEA armchair

Bought this armchair about 10 years back and although the frame is sound the fabric covering is in a really bad state!

Wanted to know if IKEA still make covers for this or if anyone else does but can’t identify the armchair so finding it hard to research.

Need help to identify ikea armchairs

Apologies for the terrible picture!

Hope you can help!


Hi Rashomon

Readers have chimed in and said it could be a TOMELILLA (pictured on the catalog cover below) but I’m not convinced. It looks similar in many ways except for the arms and the cushion seat is shaped as a “T”.

IKEA catalog 1998

I think the styling is closer to a STOCKSUND except for the backrest. But the STOCKSUND was not in production in 2005, so that strikes it out.


Photo: IKEA.com

Unfortunately, IKEA will not continue production of slipcovers for discontinued sofas or armchairs. So, no luck there.

What to do?

Follow the no-sew video tutorial above and make yourself a chic cover. We’ll love to see it.

Others with better sleuthing skills may be able to identify these IKEA armchairs? Do let us know in the comments below.


Originally posted on Feb 11, 2015. Post updated with new information.