Out of stock. 3 alternatives for IVAR bamboo door.

On this week’s Hackers Help, we brainstorm 3 alternative doors for the IVAR shelving unit.

I’m repurposing my IVAR shelving unit for nursery storage and I’ve bought a hanging rail from the system to make a ‘wardrobe’ for my daughter’s clothes.

ikea ivar kids wardrobe

The plan was to add these doors to help stop the sun fading the clothes, which would have worked perfectly. As far as I can tell, they would not have required me to drill any extra holes in the shelves.

IKEA bamboo weave door

Photo: IKEA.com

Sadly I was not quick enough and they’re now almost completely sold out online and across the UK.

I’ve seen lots of IVAR cabinet door hacks but not so much for the shelving. Can anyone advise?!

Thank you!

~ by Becki

Hi Becki

Ah … that’s frustrating. There aren’t many door options for the IVAR and the cane webbing doors get snapped up the moment they restock. I can hardly get hold of them at my local IKEA either.

Firstly, the bamboo weave doors you want may still be available on eBay, Amazon or FB Marketplace. I did a search and found this one.

As for alternatives for the IVAR door, you are right. I’ve not seen many door hacks for the IVAR shelving unit.

So here is what I came up with.

#1 DIY IVAR door alternatives

You can make your own doors for IVAR. Hester has a wonderful tutorial for DIY IVAR doors which can be so interesting for a kid’s wardrobe.

She measured the space and got the plywood cut to size at the hardware store. Then, attached them to the IVAR side units with hinges. She finished them with peel and stick wallpaper to personalise the doors. I’m sure your creative juices are pumping now.

She has another version using reclaimed doors. Very cool too, with hinges on display.

You could try plywood, pine or any wood planks too.

IKEA IVAR door alternatives

See this wardrobe for long jackets and coats from IVAR.

#2 Fabric covers

IKEA used to sell fabric covers for the IVAR system. You may still be able to find them on online marketplaces.

IKEA IVAR door alternatives - fabric cover

Photo: IKEA.com

Alternatively, you can use blinds like the 80 cm wide SANDVEDEL or RINGBLOMMA to cover up the front of the IVAR. Add a plank across the top shelf and then attach the blind to it.

#3 Picture frame door

One final idea to consider for your alternative IVAR door. Picture frames!

IKEA IVAR door alternatives - picture frame

Photo: IKEA.com

The HOVSTA picture frame (40cmx50cm) is as wide as one of the IKEA IVAR cane doors (42cm) so it might just work. Screw on hinges (or use strong adhesive) to the sides of the photo frame and then attach to the side units. You can use shorter frames too if your shelves are closer together. What I love about this idea is how useful the frames can be. You can use the picture frames to label what’s behind the doors. Or to display your child’s artwork or family photos. So fun! This tutorial may be helpful.

Hope you’re inspired to do something different for your kid’s wardrobe. Do share your IVAR door alternatives with us.

Happy hacking,


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