Simple but total transformation for this laundry room

We needed more laundry room storage. Furthermore, this ugly area by the back door entrance with incoming water pipes and ventilation fans was completely unused. It had turned into a corner that just collected stuff.

First we planned to build the storage out of kitchen cabinets, but the IKEA cabinets were too high to fit under the windows and others were more expensive. So we built our own storage from the KOPPANG chest of drawers with custom measures.

We could have built our own custom laundry room storage unit as well but it’s nice to have the pre-fabricated frame and drawers with perfect fit and slide. Total cost was just a little more than 2000 SEK (about €200). Also, the knobs will be replaced by something nicer.

IKEA items used:
  • KOPPANG chest of 6 drawers chest
  • HAMMARP Worktop
KNOPPANG chest of drawers
Other materials:
  • Some leftover construction wood 45×70 mm & 45×45 mm
  • Thin panel boards
  • Pinewood shelves
  • White paint
  • Screws

Laundry room storage hack

Build the chest of drawers but without mounting the top. Connect it with construction wood to the walls to achieve a suitable depth for the worktop. Add a nice worktop.

laundry room before

Add some patterned panels to the sides and floor plinth if you wish. If floor plinth is not suitable, you can always saw the legs off and add your own legs or use it without legs.

Adding in the KNOPPANG chest

It’s important to take into account if the floor is flat or not. I had to add distances under the chest legs to make it stand straight.

Laundry room storage complete

~ by Nils

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rolling laundry cart

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#2 Countertop above the machines

laundry room with countertop above machines

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#3 Built-in cabinets for washer dryer

laundry room built in cabinets for washer dryer

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