IKEA Warranty: What you need to know about appliances from IKEA

ikea appliances warranty basics

IKEA is famous for furniture and decor, but the Swedish giant has a lot more to offer like home electronics, lighting systems, bathroom fixtures, etc. Like the rest of their products, buyers find timeless, minimalistic, and sophisticated pieces to elevate the living space, in these segments as well. 

IKEA store

However, you can’t just buy a beautiful piece of IKEA furniture or an awesome gadget and leave it at that!

These things don’t come cheap and therefore, we have to maintain and preserve them in good working condition. The good thing is that IKEA has a 5-year limited warranty on their appliances to help save money and reduce stress when something malfunctions.

Read on to know how it works, some basic tips to keep the warranty valid, and what to do when it doesn’t cover something.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind About IKEA Warranty

IKEA offers a limited warranty for appliance purchases within the US, valid for 5 years. The warranty is available for ovens, cooktops, hoods, microwaves, dishwashers, and refrigerators or freezers. The LAGAN appliances come with a separate warranty for a 1-year term. 

5-year limited warranty on IKEA appliances
STJÄRNSTATUS french door refrigerator | Photo: IKEA.com


The warranty covers parts and labor to correct existing defects in materials and workmanship from the time of purchase of the item. It doesn’t cover cosmetic damage, consumable parts, improper installation, non-adherence to codes, etc.

Service Provider

The services are provided by Whirlpool Corporation and associated partners.


Since the warranty will be void if the items are not cared for as per manufacturer specifications, you must ensure that the usage and maintenance are done appropriately. Here are some basic tips to keep your warranty valid for the entire term duration:

  1. Get the appliances installed by professional electricians or applicable technicians. Make sure that they are used only for the specified and intended purpose.
  2. Use only approved cleaning materials and never use abrasive cleaners.
  3. Make sure that your refrigerator and microwave oven’s vents are always unobstructed and clean up spills regularly. Be careful with DIY cleaners. 
  4. Be careful with the microwave’s turnplate.
  5. Wait for food to cool before keeping it in the refrigerator or freezer. This is because there is excess condensation when the food is hot, increasing the frost formed in the freezer. On that note, don’t use any sharp objects to dig out the frost.
  6. Use flat-bottomed magnetic conducting cookware with the cooktops. Don’t end up banging glass cooktops, else the glass may break. For gas cooktops, the rubber seals should always be fitted well.
  7. Make sure you load the dishwasher correctly and use optimum amounts of rinse aid. You should also keep the water hardness at the approved level.
  8. With hoods, installing them correctly is very important. Additionally, they need regular cleaning of the metal grease filters and also periodic carbon filter changes. Clean the fans regularly and also keep the vents clear.
5-year limited warranty on IKEA appliances
SÄRKLASSIG induction cooktop | Photo: IKEA.com

Making a claim

If your kitchen appliance stops working, don’t try to DIY a fix; call the designated service partner right away. You should also make sure that the appliance is easily accessible to the service technician since they won’t cover any special expenditure.

General Consensus on IKEA Warranties

Let’s say you do it all correctly. What are the chances of a claim being successful? We took a look around to find out the general opinion on how well these warranties work out.

The oft-encountered thinking seems to be discontent with the limited warranties. Many problems cropping up in home appliances tend to be difficult to fault as manufacturing defects and hence, there are frequent claim denials.

Second, toward the end of the warranty period, the appliances tend to break down due to normal wear and tear. With regular use and age, most appliances malfunction but a limited warranty wouldn’t cover such issues.

5-year limited warranty on IKEA appliances
UNDANTAG ceiling-mounted range hood | Photo: IKEA.com

Therefore, you may consider a home warranty to cover unexpected breakdowns due to normal wear and tear. A home warranty may cover some of the gaps left by a limited liability warranty.

Check out the top home warranty companies and make sure to read the contract before arriving at a decision. If the IKEA warranty overlaps with home warranty coverage, the former will prevail.

Jules Yap