“I forgot the decor” Christmas coat rack tree

ikea gift card tag

Still scrambling for decor and gift wrap? A coat stand tree and IKEA Gift Card tags to the rescue.

Two quick hacks for the season — a quick “alternative tree” from Penny and an IKEA gift card tag from Emma. Print out and make an envelope or gift tag for the most last minute gift you can possibly give — the IKEA Gift Card. (Get it online here.)

IKEA KNIPPE coat rack tree

In a rush to prepare for a Christmas family gathering, I got all the food organised but clean forgot about any decorations.

With our IKEA KNIPPE coat stand, gold baubles, string and a gold ribbon bow we put together a passable Christmas tree. Everyone was very impressed.

The KNIPPE is discontinued. Get the similar EKRAR.

~ by Penny

IKEA Assembly Man Gift Card Tag

This is probably not your traditional hack but given the IKEA instructions are so iconic, I thought I would include some with the gift card I gave my sister and her fiancée for Christmas.

They are buying their first house, so a bit of money to help them buy a few bits of furniture surely wouldn’t go amiss?

Anyhow, a gift card on its own is a little bit boring, so I hacked the basic IKEA instructions in Photoshop to make gift card instructions.

IKEA Gift Card Tag for Christmas

Feel free to download the image (opens in new window) and use it (or hack it!) for yourself! I downloaded the instruction from the IKEA website, so it cost me precisely £0, apart from a bit of time.

ikea gift card tag

Download Jules’ version

You can use it as an gift card envelope or tag, whichever catches your fancy.

Also, I don’t know if my Swedish is accurate for “New House Gift”, but it looked more Swedish and IKEA-y than “Present Kort”.

Cheerio and Merry Christmas!

~ by Emma

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