Cat chair hammock: So cushy your cat will love it

My cats love “levitating”, so I made this cat chair hammock hack for them. It’s super simple and so effective. My cats love it.

The MALINDA cushion is ridiculously cheap and you can actually use any chair with the side bars for resting the feet to hang the cushion. Just a few stitches and you can make a budget friendly cat hammock.

The hardest part was sewing the Velcro on. It takes a few stabs in the fingers, so I’d maybe use a thimble if I ever do this again.

IKEA items used:

  • MALINDA chair cushion
  • NORRÅKER chair

MALINDA chair cushion, IKEA


Other materials and tools:

How to make a cushy hangout for your cat:

It could not be any simpler.

Cushy cat chair hammock

Cushy cat chair hammock
aaah … perfect for a nap

Just sew two more Velcro strips to the opposite corners of the cushion. Follow the way the original strips are placed.

Then just fasten the MALINDA chair cushion to the four chair legs, above the leg rest.

Go to the original post for my cat chair hammock (in Czech).

~ by lentilki

Other ways to make a cat chair hammock

Want to make a hammock for your cat but rather not have it hanging beneath your dining chair? Adapt these ideas instead.

#1 Try a coffee table

This cat hammock is made from the VITTSJÖ Table and a MÄRIT table runner. Fasten the two ends to the frame with staples. Forget about decorating your coffee table with books. Cute kitty is all you need.

cat hammock

#2 Or kit out the kitchen cart

Did it wink? Wait. I think it did. Because this double decker cat hammock is spot on. Better yet, it has not one, but two hammocks! This gets my vote for the best use of the BEKVÄM kitchen cart.

double decker cat hammock

#3 Or turn a step stool into a cat perch and hammock

A two-in-one hack your cat will love. It has a seat for when the cat wants to sit up high and look out, probably with disdain at the neighbour’s dog chasing its tail. And a hammock when it needs its human-don’t-bother-me chill time.

cat tree hammock



Jules Yap