Wooden keyboard stands you can easily make at home

wooden keyboard stand ikea hack

If you’ve got yourself a piano keyboard, pairing it with a good stand is essential. The good news is it’s not hard to DIY a wooden keyboard stand. For that matter, a sturdy one. Or even a fancy keyboard stand that looks like a piano.

Here’s are two piano stands that are the easiest to make. All you need are some basic woodworking skills and a store that will cut wood pieces for you. And you’re set.

1. DIY Piano Keyboard stand with IKEA

I wanted to have a keyboard stand that was the same color as the rest of the furniture. After our little IKEA hack, it visually fits into our room.

IKEA items and materials used:

BESTÅ 60x20x64 cm frame (23 5/8 x 7 7/8 x 25 1/4″)
Oak planks 80x6x2 cm
4 wood screws


Tools needed:

Cordless screwdriver

How to DIY a wooden keyboard stand: 

Complete the BESTÅ frame but without the back and one side panel. (The bottom of the frame has holes, so I have faced this side to the corner.)

Turn the frame 90° so the original bottom and top (which are thicker) now form the legs of the keyboard stand. The one original side panel (that’s the thinner panel) is now the top piece.

Fix the spare side panel to the back of the frame using the original mounting method. (Make small holes for the original metal dowels. Drill pilot holes on the inner side of legs and screw them in. Then use those original plastic cam locks to lock them in place.)

Now that the top is done, cut the wood planks (oak in my case, to match the color of my other furniture) into two halves. Drill holes into the planks and fix them on the underside of the BESTÅ frame using the 4 screws.

Flip it back up and place your digital piano on the stand. And play!

wooden piano stand ikea hack with BESTA frame

How much does it cost to build a wooden keyboard stand? 

It was a very affordable project, considering the price of wooden keyboard stands in the market. Our DIY project came up to 37 EUR (BESTÅ 28 EUR and wood planks 8 EUR + screws 1 EUR).

What was the hardest part about this hack? 

Measuring the holes for metal screw dowels accurately.

What to pay special attention to? 

I didn’t use any finish or stain on the wooden planks (feet), so I had to keep them clean during the process.

And other thoughts/ comments that you have received about the hack?

“I played the piano yesterday, why do I have to play today? (my 8yo daughter)” 🙂

~ by Mirek

2. DIY digital piano stand

I wanted a nice stand for my Yamaha 88-key electronic piano. Commercial ones are expensive at around $150. So I built one for about $26, using two inexpensive $6.99 FABIAN wall shelves from IKEA as the basis for the design.

Wooden keyboard piano stand hack from IKEA pine wood shelves


2 FABIAN wall shelves
1″x4″x6′ and 1″x3″x6′ pine strips

The pictures show the construction. The two FABIAN shelves become the vertical side pieces of the piano stand. The two pine strips (I used Claymark Select Pine strips from Home Depot to minimize additional work) were cut to the proper length for my keyboard (49.75 inches).

IKEA FABIAN wall shelf
Wooden keyboard stand hack - the frame
Metal corner brackets to reinforce structure

The pine strips space the FABIAN shelves apart at the proper distance so that the keyboard can sit on the top ends of the FABIAN shelves.

The FABIAN shelves each come with two nicely silver-finished right-angle metal brackets. These are intended to hang the shelf from the wall. But as you can see in the photos, I used these brackets to square up and stiffen the piano stand instead. They do the job perfectly, and make a nice light, strong structure.

(Edit: The FABIAN is discontinued. You can use these corner brackets for the same effect. You can also use current wall shelves from IKEA such as the BERGSHULT in walnut. However they are slightly longer at 31 1/2 inches. This will affect the final height of the piano stand. Use a circular saw to cut it down to the right height for you and your keyboard. The easiest method though is to buy lumber from Home Depot since you’re already getting the pine strips. Get them to cut two pieces of wood similar to size of the FABIAN wall shelf – 70 x 24cm or 28 x 9 inches and assemble them in the process above.)

Now attach a headphone holder and it’s perfect.

~ by Gnobuddy