Start 2024 Off Strong with IKEA’s New DAJLIEN Home Training Collection

IKEA DAJLIEN home training gym collection
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Furniture giant IKEA’s latest range is not your typical collection of Scandi-styled storage units and sofas. Its new DAJLIEN home training collection is best described as “home training home decor,” essentially blurring the lines between workout equipment and home decor.

The 19-piece DAJLIEN range was developed in response to the challenges many face when working out at home, such as limited space, time constraints, and lack of motivation. Through visits to homes in New York, Chicago, London, and Shanghai, IKEA identified common barriers that discourage people from staying active indoors.

With multi-functional design at its core, the products in the DAJLIEN collection feature smart, adaptable products that can be used in different ways to overcome those challenges, enabling people to stay active.

First IKEA Home Training Range

IKEA DAJLIEN home training bench with storage
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The collection includes essential items like exercise mats, dumbbells, and a versatile step-up board.

One of the collection’s highlights is the multi-purpose DAJLIEN workout bench, which doubles as a coffee table and storage unit. With a non-slip surface, it invites a variety of bodyweight exercises.

IKEA DAJLIEN home training bench with storage
IKEA DAJLIEN workout bench with storage | Photo Credit:

Recognizing that wellness takes many forms, DAJLIEN also features recovery products like yoga straps, kneepads, and a massage ball. Wearable items like slippers and ponchos provide comfort post-workout.

IKEA designers strived to create attractive, subtle designs that naturally become part of daily life. The goal is to inspire movement and healthy habits at home without requiring much space or equipment.

Pre and post-workout equipment

IKEA DAJLIEN home training range with wearables
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“Not everyone feels safe or comfortable going to a gym, and at home, we often deal with small space and time constraints. DAJLIEN was born from the desire to find smart solutions that address these limitations and help people create a convenient and motivating place for exercise”, says Sarah Fager, Designer at IKEA of Sweden. “We wanted to create smart, beautiful products to inspire and redefine training as a fun, easy, and natural everyday activity.” 

The DAJLIEN collection launches globally in January 2024. IKEA hopes the smart, adaptable solutions will help more people squeeze convenient workouts into their everyday routines. With DAJLIEN, the path to an active lifestyle starts within our homes. With DAJLIEN, your living space can become your personal gym.

IKEA DAJLIEN step up board and donut weights
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Home Gym Ideas using IKEA items

Mirrors to check your form

home gym mirror
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You’ll need a mirror to check your form. Large mirrors can be pricey, but no rule says you can’t achieve the same with many smaller ones. Tile up a large wall of mirrors with the IKEA BLODLÖNN mirror (which replaces the popular LOTS mirror) or repurpose old wardrobe mirrors as your home gym mirrors. The PAX Vikedal is perfect for it. See how to hack it here.

Lockers for workout wear

home gym lockers
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Recreate the gym locker room vibe with IKEA LIXHULT steel cabinets. Fit multiple sets of clothes, shoes, towels, and other items neatly within each LIXHULT cabinet.

Storage for training equipment

home gym ideas
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Proper storage is essential for an efficient home gym. Bulky items like dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and weight plates need organized housing when not in use. Collapsible equipment like exercise mats also require dedicated placement. The IKEA KALLAX shelving unit is a top choice for bulky weight storage. Wall shelves and brackets are budget-friendly options to add more vertical storage.

Bench to take a rest

IKEA PERJOHAN bench for home gym
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You’ll need a bench for workouts and rest after a grueling set. The IKEA PERJOHAN bench is a good choice with its sturdy, solid wood design. It also has storage for weights and workout equipment.

Hanging organizer

curtain rail as hanging organizer in home training set up
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Designate a specific area to neatly store and display resistance bands, jump rope, headphone cables, and other exercise equipment. Coiling items properly and hanging them on hooks or draping them over bars will keep everything untangled and easy to find, so you’re ready to work out at a moment’s notice. Repurpose a wall-mounted curtain rail or a coat rack with hooks to hang up your gym things.

Home Training Tracking Center

home gym ideas
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As they say, “If you can measure it, you can improve it.” Your home gym will need a spot to track all your workouts. While FitBits and devices provide measurable data, writing down your sessions offers additional benefits. Documenting reps, sets, weights used, and other metrics keeps your workouts fully visible. You’ll be able to easily identify exercises that need more focus or see improvements over time. Perhaps the most motivational thing is checking items off your log after completing them. This satisfying visual feedback can boost your motivation to keep pushing forward in reaching your health and fitness goals.

An IKEA bulletin board or wall planner is an effective centralized location to post detailed workout logs and charts. Combined with a wearable tracker, a written log ensures a comprehensive approach to monitoring your progress.

Favorite Music or Workout Videos

tablet stand using IKEA BEKVAM bench
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Workouts are much better with music, so don’t forget to add a place for your player. Add a TV monitor or stand for your tablet if you do video workouts.

What other ideas do you have for your home training gym? Tell us in the comments.