The Top 10 IKEA Hacks of 2023

top 10 ikea hacks 2023

2023 has witnessed a surge of ingenious IKEA hacks that push the boundaries of the original products, making them more functional, stylish, or completely transformed for a new purpose.

From adding luxurious textures and patterns to simple storage solutions, people have cleverly reimagined IKEA items to express their style. Some of the most talked-about hacks involve repurposing everyday items, like turning a plain shoe cabinet into a statement piece or revamping a cabinet into a vibrant entertainment center.

But IKEA hacking is no longer just about self-expression but sustainability by giving a longer life to standard furniture, minimizing waste, and salvaging pre-loved products from landfills.

So, in 2023, these IKEA hacks, as featured on IKEAhackers or social media, caught my eye. Whether altering old items into new objects, fully leveraging items’ functions and abilities, or personalizing basic flat-pack furniture, the hacks showed ingenious ways to modify IKEA furnishings. Let’s get to the list of the top 10 IKEA hacks for 2023.

Genius Reach-in Closet PAX wardrobe hack

Top 10 IKEA Hacks 2023 - reach in closet PAX wardrobe hack
Photo Credit: Matthew Jenkins

When I first looked at Matthew’s PAX wardrobe hack, I was stumped. It was hard to place all the parts, but once I understood, I did a slow clap. In short, his client had a reach-in closet but wanted more storage. Matthew built a PAX wardrobe in front of the existing reach-in, with access to the old closet through the new PAX wardrobes. Got it? As a result, the client ended up with double the storage and a streamlined PAX wardrobe when the doors were closed. Pore over this PAX wardrobe hack, and you’ll see why it deserves a spot on this list.

String Furniture Inspired IVAR hack

Top 10 IKEA Hacks 2023 - string furniture IVAR hack
Photo Credit: Victoria Svensson

Victoria’s modification of the IVAR sliding door cabinet is indeed elegant. Replacing the bulky side units with sleek metal brackets gives the IVAR a more refined, streamlined look. The string-inspired brackets lend an airy, visually lightweight quality that enhances the cabinet’s overall aesthetic. This small change elevates the IVAR from merely functional storage to a stylish addition to the space. With Victoria’s clever upgrade, the IVAR satisfies both practical needs and a discerning eye for design.

Dream Loft Bed with Reading Nook

Top 10 IKEA Hacks 2023 - kids loft bed
Photo Credit: Marion @homerevive_by_m

The daughter sketched her dream bed. Mama made it happen. While the result may not be perfectly professional, the care and effort put into the process speak volumes. Through their united efforts, Marion not only built the custom bed but cleverly incorporated extra storage and a cozy reading nook. Their innovative modifications optimized the area, addressing functional needs while sticking as close as possible to the original vision. See the loft bed hack.

Rolling Cart Storage Cabinet Hack

Top 10 IKEA Hacks 2023 - rolling printer cart
Photo Credit: @lovelyhomecouture

By combining the TINGBY side table with RÖDEBY armrest trays, Julianne crafted a compact yet versatile cabinet that serves multiple purposes. Under her desk, it provides tidy organization for office supplies and tech accessories. Elsewhere in the home, this versatile piece can seamlessly assume different roles – as a nightstand, it offers convenient bedside storage. In the living room, it adds extra surface area as an accent table.

Grow With You Adjustable Desk

Top 10 IKEA Hacks 2023 - adjustable kidds table
Photo Credit: Alexander Johnson

Kids quickly outgrow their toddler desks and chairs. (We’re looking at you, LATT!) To counter that, Alex hacked a height-adjustable toddler’s desk from an ALEX cabinet and plywood pieces. Now, the kid can use the desk for years to come.

IKEA Speakeasy Bookshelf

Top 10 IKEA Hacks 2023 - bookshelf with hidden home bar
Photo Credit: @dreamloftstudios

Rachel’s ingenious transformation of an IKEA BILLY bookcase into a concealed home bar exemplifies creativity and craftsmanship. At first glance, it looks like beautifully crafted wall display cabinets, but with a few tugs, the lower cabinets pull out to reveal a surprise bar island. Her meticulously planned project brings IKEA hacking to the next level. See it on Instagram.

Hallway Storage Hack

Top 10 IKEA Hacks 2023 - hallway storage hack
Photo Credit: @3res

Can you ever have too much storage? Therese’s hallway unit hack transformed the entryway, solving the challenge of clutter through individual storage compartments for each member. Made from a combination of kitchen cabinets, the IKEA METOD cabinets look made for the hallway.

IKEA IVAR kitchen island hack

Top 10 IKEA Hacks 2023 - ivar kitchen island
Photo Credit: @ehami123

Japanese DIYer @ehami123 demonstrated the versatility of the IKEA IVAR line with an innovative kitchen island design. She enclosed the cabinet and drawer units in a custom box structure. This transformed them into a freestanding island, integrating efficient storage into her kitchen layout. With a layer of wallpaper, the IVAR units blend seamlessly into her kitchen decor. @ehami123 showed how some creative thinking can uncover fresh possibilities from a familiar IKEA product. See the hack.

IKEA Trundle Bed to King Size Bed

Top 10 IKEA Hacks 2023 - trundle to king size bed
Photo Credit: @champagne.chaos

Anne maximized space in the guest room by combining two IKEA SLÄKT trundle beds. She arranged them side by side and added upholstered headboard and footboard panels to conceal the gap. This modification transformed the twin beds into a spacious king-sized option. To make everything seamless, she added peel-and-stick fabric to cover the bed frame and match the headboards. The integrated trundle beds remain functional (great for sleepovers!) Anne demonstrated how a well-thought-out assembly of IKEA’s modular pieces can cleverly upgrade a room’s functionality. View the hack.

IKEA FADO Lamp Nightstand Hack

Top 10 IKEA Hacks 2023 - fado lamp nightstand
Photo Credit: @pinepins

I love it when a simple IKEA product is reimagined into something unique. Frank and Selli took one of the most iconic IKEA lamps, crafted a frame, and transformed it into a multifunctional nightstand. A simple DIY, but it breathed new life into an old familiar lamp. See the hack.

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