The 10 best IKEA Hacks of the Year 2022

ikea hacks 2022

The year 2022 is fast coming to a close. And that means it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time for the annual IKEA Hack of the Year round-up.

We saw IKEA hacks explode on the scene in a big way this year. IKEA hacks are everywhere, on every social channel, video platform and home DIY sites. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the proliferation of hacks.

Nevertheless these are the IKEA hacks that caught my attention for their creative use of IKEA items, be it transforming them into something different, maximising their function and capacities or adding a custom touch to plain flatpack furniture.

best ikea hacks 2022

10 best IKEA hacks of 2022

So without further ado, this is my list of the 10 best IKEA hacks as featured on IKEAhackers and IH’s social media channels for 2022. Which is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below.

IKEA storage bed hack

best ikea hacks 2022 - platform storage bed

Arnaud’s platform bed hack is the most important piece of furniture in the 29 m2 (312 sq feet) studio. It’s a bed and storage all in one. IKEA BESTÅ units make up the bulk of the storage units as well as the base for the bed. Best of both worlds in one hack. See the storage bed hack.

Bread bin side table hack

best ikea hacks 2022 - bread bin side table

Talking about transformation, this IKEA hack ticks all the boxes. It went viral when Toni posted a reel on how she stuck two MAGASIN bread bins together to create this side table with MCM vibes. The only bummer is the bread bin isn’t available at all IKEA stores. If that’s the case at your IKEA, Amazon has similar bread bins.

Spherical speakers

best ikea hacks 2022 - spherical speaker

Sure we’ve seen our share of spherical speakers using IKEA bowls. But with this IKEA hack, Steve set out to build a true full frequency spectrum 4-way speaker using IKEA wooden bowls. He used all three sizes of the BLANDA MATT serving bowls (5”, 8” and 11”) to achieve this one-of-a-kind sculptural spherical speaker.

BILLY Bookcase sideboard

Another one that broke the Internet. @dalia.ea took two narrow BILLY bookcases, laid them on their sides, added fabric on doors, and turned them into a stylish 4 meter long sideboard. Honestly, I’m surprised not many have used BILLY on its side. Perhaps this hack will lead to more creative use of the BILLY bookcase.

Behind the couch cabinet

behind the couch cabinet hack

Kim’s idea was to take a regular BESTÅ double cabinet and modify it so she can access the interior of the cabinet from the side. The hack made the cabinet so much easier to use in its position behind the couch. Read more of the behind the couch cabinet.

Hallway closet hack

hallway closet DIY

Tatjana DIYed a closet and shoe storage in the hallway that looks like a built-in but it isn’t. Not building it in meant it was a much easier IKEA hacking project, sans all the heavy lifting. Now with this “almost 2 PAX wide storage” she can have all her shoes, outdoor jackets neatly arranged and stored behind doors in one brilliant hallway closet.

Home office in living room console hack

hidden home office - best ikea hacks 2022

FoxVictor needed a new set of furniture for the living room. What was on the list of requirement was an out-of-sight home office workstation that blended seamlessly with the living room TV console. I think he nailed it with style.

Stunning curved sideboard

EKET cabinet sideboard - best ikea hacks 2022

Jen transformed the EKET units into a show stopping curvy sideboard. Two EKET units (cabinet and drawer units), pole wrap and lots of DIY grit, she has a winning sideboard.

DIY Murphy door bookcase

DIY murphy bookcase

Jen wanted to create an attractive door leading to her small home office space. The office space tends to look cluttered so the door is often closed. That triggered her to hit two birds with one stone: Hide the mess and realise her dream of having a secret door. Using two BILLY units she made her murphy door bookcase to cover up the entrance. When closed they look like regular BILLY bookcases.

Round coffee table hack

ikea coffee table hack

@arinsolange had her heart set on a coffee table but the price tag was way above what she was willing to pay. So she went cracking with IKEA hacking. She used the top of an IKEA LISTERBY coffee table and 3 trash cans (sourced from Amazon) to make a chic coffee table. And so easy too. See the hack here.

Do you have an IKEA hack? Share it with us! Your project may just be the next IKEA Hack of the Year.

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