In 2022, these 10 IKEA hacks were the most popular

ikea billy bookcase hack

I started this last year when, out of curiosity, I analysed the most viewed posts of 2021. This year I did the same and widened my search to the 10 most viewed posts of 2022. (I omitted three which made the IKEA Hack of the Year 2022 list.)

This list is based on number of “eyeballs”. In short, these IKEA hacks garnered the highest number of views on IKEAhackers. Which means they are the most popular and most often searched for hacks on this site. Take a look …

The 10 most popular IKEA hacks of 2022

1. IKEA Murphy Desk Hack

most popular IKEA hacks of 2022 - DIY murphy desk

Ed R’s Murphy Desk hack is probably not a hack you’ll see popping up everywhere on social media. It’s truly a unique project that was purpose built for his wife who needed a work-from-home office setup. He took advantage of the deep stair landing and made use of every square inch. The desk folds up and protrudes a mere 10 inches from the wall. And when opened, she can use the desk in both sitting and standing positions. Only thing I’ll add is a stair gate.

2. BILLY built-in living room display shelves

most popular IKEA hacks of 2022 - BILLY bookcase living room shelves

A bold reimagination of the BILLY bookcase with pastel paints and postal tubes. Yes, the tubes for mailing rolled up artwork. Claire’s makeover of the BILLY is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It’s her second reiteration of the iconic piece of IKEA furniture and who knows? We may be in for a third? It just goes to show that IKEA hacking is a gift that keeps on giving.

3. BILLY bespoke cabinet hack

most popular IKEA hacks of 2022 - BILLY bespoke glass cabinet

Here’s another BILLY bookcase hack that make the list. With the addition of NANNARP legs and wood panels for the top and bottom of the bookcase, Wouter changed the ubiquitous BILLY into a bespoke glass cabinet. A relatively simple hack but the details — like the 30 degree cut for the top panel — make it stand out.

4. BESTÅ storage units for mudroom

most popular IKEA hacks of 2022 - DIY BESTA mudroom storage

Tam combined KALLAX shelving units, LACK shelves and BESTÅ storage units to form this highly functional mudroom storage. Though the items came from 3 different IKEA furniture ranges, she made them play together nicely.

5. Freestanding IKEA BRIMNES headboard hack

most popular IKEA hacks of 2022 - freestanding BRIMNES headboard

Rowley lives in a rental and didn’t want to attach the IKEA BRIMNES headboard to the wall or mark the wall. His solution was to make it a freestanding headboard. He loves it and says “It is neat, sturdy, and silent, and I can easily disassemble it to take it with me when I move again.”

6. DIY floating nightstand with light

floating night stand

Juan Antonio wanted a floating nightstand with light. However he didn’t want the light to hit his eyes directly when turned on in the middle of the night. His solution was to integrate the light into the LACK shelf. Now no more bumping into bed corners.

7. The TikTok tile table

viral Tik Tok tile table

The tile table was one of the many IKEA hacking trends that went viral on TikTok. And it’s easy to understand why. The LACK side table dimensions are made to fit 2×2″ tiles. To join in the trend, we featured this easy DIY tile table from April.

8. IKEA countertop for sliding barn doors

sliding barn door with IKEA countertops

Rick picked the IKEA EKBACKEN worktop to create double sliding barn doors. They look fabulous. Besides the aesthetics, the choice of IKEA kitchen worktops kept the cost low. And the walnut veneer gave the doors a good solid finish. See the tutorial for the sliding double barn doors.

9. Built-in media cabinet

most popular IKEA hacks of 2022 - Built in media cabinet

Built-in media cabinet hacks are always popular. And this one from Tuesdi is no different. She hacked two 47″ long BESTÅ cabinets to make a beautiful built-in media cabinet.

10. IKEA IVAR Starburst cabinet hack

starburst cabinet

Alana connected two IVAR pine cabinets to make a large dresser. But they were a bit plain. What she did was to dress them up with trim, furniture legs and an eye-catching starburst motif. I love how wholly different they are from the original. See her starburst cabinet tutorial.

While you’re here, check out our best 10 IKEA hacks of 2022. And if you’re planning to hack IKEA next year, remember to snap a few photos or better yet, shoot a video, and send them to me. Yours might be the most popular IKEA Hack of 2023.