Bubble chandelier from IKEA JARA lampshade: A DIY

I made this cute bubble chandelier, which is all the rage at the moment, with just a simple lampshade from IKEA. And a few cheap materials. But it looks a million bucks, don’t you think?

Bubble chandelier from IKEA JARA lampshade

Bubble Chandelier: DIY instructions

At first I painted the lampshade with my favorite grey paint.

Then I coat the inside of the lampshade with gold leaf. I left it a little bit messy and shabby looking.

Bubble chandelier from IKEA JARA lampshade
Bubble chandelier from IKEA JARA lampshade
Bubble chandelier from IKEA JARA lampshade

After installing the bulb holder I wrapped the cable with sisal rope and glued it.
After that I had a little help with hanging it in my bedroom 😉

That how it looked without the bubbles.

And here are they stepping in the game 😉

Bubble chandelier from IKEA JARA lampshade

And tadah, here’s the bubble chandelier in my room, in my reading nook;)

See the full tutorial for my bubble chandelier here.

~ Pudel – design, Deutschland

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