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Every year, this is one of the toughest decisions I have to make – shortlisting my 10 favourite hacks for The IKEA Hack of the Year poll. Trust me, it is awfully hard to choose just 10 from so many clever, beautiful, useful and crazy hacks.

I thought about segregating the poll into 2 categories, as some suggested last year but decided not to. Let’s keep things simple and focused, alright? After all, it’s the best IKEA HACK that we want to crown.

Nevertheless, in the following days, I will be posting some worthy mentions – hacks that didn’t make the shortlist but amazing, nonetheless. I’ll also highlight some re-purposings/embellishments that are just too good to go unmentioned.

So, without further ado … I present my top 10 favourite hacks of 2012 … (in no particular order).

Tipsy over this trunk bar

Leather, metal and booze. What’s not to like? This is the best bar hack I’ve seen. Two Besta units, leather, castors and some pretty clasp did it. Well done, Csaba. See more.

Sofa so good

Susanah designed a box frame around the Karlstad to transform it from meh to marvellous. I would buy this in a heartbeat if IKEA made this version of the Karlstad. See more.

X-treme makeover for Frosta

Andreas made 3 eye-popping hacks with the Frosta stools. I went back and forth between the X and the Z before deciding on this one for the top 10. The X could work as a shelving, a cat tree or even just as wall decor. See more.

A sexy catwalk

I’ve seen many cat-____ (fill in the blank with litter, tree, box, etc) but none as sleek as this one by Jason. The very pedestrian Hyllis shelving units were cut up and made model material. See more.

Knuff said

imchaser’s coffee table was one of the most surprising hacks of 2012. Knuff magazine holders and a rotating artist stool make a beautiful combo. Better yet, the “table top” configuration can be changed by rearranging the magazine holders. See more.

Expedit extension

The Expedit is one of the most hacked range in IKEA. I love what Marie did to hers – the very pretty doors and super smart pull out counter top. Extra work space when you need it. See more.

Work out of a box

Enough of thinking out of the box. Brilliant work can happen inside a box too. Ian proved that with his roll away home office made from a IKEA steel kitchen work table. See more.

One for the guests

When space is a premium, hacks like Lynn’s day-bed to full-sized-bed hack takes the cake. Such a simple, yet well thought out and executed solution to a common problem. See more.

See it in print

Charles’ hack does not look pretty and perhaps many won’t understand this or hack it. But as far as drawers go, this is the most innovative use of one that I have seen. See more.

Got to LÖVA this

A bed canopy, in Anke’s hands, takes flight. I love how whimsical it is. See more.

That’s my list. Which should take the IKEA Hack of the 2012 title? Tell me by clicking below.

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Jules Yap