10 best of the best IKEA hacks of 2018

best ikea hacks 2018

Hey, hey. It’s the last day of the year and it’s time to wrap it up with the most important post of all … the most awesome, best IKEA hacks of 2018 on IKEAhackers.

Well, this year has been an interesting one. One that includes IKEA hacking itself. Though, not for the first time.

Truly gone are the days where we, IKEA hackers, lurked in the fringes. It’s fascinating to see how this obscure DIY trend has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years. Folks, we’re mainstream now. ?

What holds for 2019? More IKEA hacks, of course.

But before we go there, let’s take a look at the best IKEA hacks of 2018 and give these hard-working, brilliant hackers a thumbs up.

10 best IKEA hacks of 2018 – The A-list

Presenting my top 10 favorite IKEA hacks of 2018, in no particular order.

#1 Jessica’s mudroom redo

10 best IKEA hacks of 2018 - Jessica's mudroom

Jessica took an under-utilized closet, added some IKEA pieces (BESTÅ and BILLY) for storage and made them into beautiful mudroom furniture for her home. Click here to see the wonderful transformation. You got to see it to believe it.

#2 Mat’s extra long dining bench with storage

10 best IKEA hacks of 2018 - Mat's dining bench

Dining benches with storage, especially ones that span entire wall lengths cost an arm and a leg. But Mat put this together for under $200. It looks amazing, fits the nook almost like a built-in (it’s not!), and offers plenty of storage under the seat. See Mat’s dining bench with storage.

#3 Tina’s something blue for her wedding

10 best IKEA hacks of 2018 - Tina's bridal bathroom helper

Tina was getting married and was worried about not being able to handle herself AND keep her mermaid gown clean when she’s in the bathroom. Some stuff like this bridal bathroom helper exists but was expensive. Her bridal bathroom helper hack costs $1.49 and took only 3 minutes. What’s best, it made life easier on her wedding day. So here is Tina’s bridal bathroom helper.

#4 Pauline’s tasteful IVAR built-in bookcase

10 best IKEA hacks of 2018 - Pauline's IVAR built in bookcase

If I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t have guessed this floor to wall bookcase was made from the IKEA IVAR system. The system itself is typical IKEA bare bones but Pauline fleshed it out with trim, moulding and solid panels. You’ll hardly even notice the infamous IVAR holes. See more of Pauline’s elegant IVAR, reinvented as a full height built-in bookcase.

#5 Dylan’s hidden wireless charger

10 best IKEA hacks of 2018 - Dylan's hidden wireless charging pad

Dylan had this idea to embed wireless charging to his nightstand, which I think is brilliant. It keeps the surface clean of chargers and cables a.k.a. things we rather not see. Click to see Dylan’s wireless charging pad in action.

#6 Jeff’s KALLAX for the corner office

10 best IKEA hacks of 2018 - Jeff's home office furniture

Jeff received two KALLAX units for free and wondered whether he could make them unique. Plus, he needed storage in his office and the reconfigured KALLAX units fit perfectly. Take a look at Jeff’s KALLAX corner home office furniture.

#7 Ian’s cat resistant 3-seater POÄNG sofa

10 best IKEA hacks of 2018 - Ian's 3 seater POANG

Ian inherited a cat that shredded their furniture, apart from a 20-year-old IKEA POÄNG armchair. A few readers have attested to this astonishing fact. Ian was dismayed to find that no matching sofas were available in the POÄNG range. So he decided to give hacking a go and made a 3-seater POÄNG sofa.

#8 Cristina’s smart sewing table with a sliding tray

10 best IKEA hacks of 2018 - Cristina's smart sewing table

Cristina’s sewing table has a sliding tray that makes it so easy to store the sewing machine when she doesn’t need it. It’s definitely way easier to clear the table top for other aspects of sewing when you have a dedicated spot for the machine. See more of the smart sewing table.

#9 Courtney’s dog steps for small dogs

10 best IKEA hacks of 2018 - Courtney's DIY dog steps

After watching her puppy struggle up onto the couch, Courtney knew she needed a set of dog steps. The options online didn’t suit her decor so she made one from IKEA KNAGGLIG crates. And as you can see, the pup is beaming. See Courtney’s DIY dog steps.

#10 Game on with Adam’s expanding board game table

10 best IKEA hacks of 2018 - Adam's expanding board game table

What to do when you live in a small apartment but want to host board game nights without a space-hogging games table? This hack took around 2 hours total, and cost around $180. This expanding board game table provides flexibility in using the limited amount of space in the apartment. See the expanding board game table.

And that’s my list of favorites.

The 10 best IKEA hacks of 2018 on IKEAhackers. Which is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments below.

And now to look forward to more exciting hacks in 2019. See you over on the other side!



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