Vote for the Hack of the Year 2013!

1-hoty 2013

Hey there all you beautiful people, the Hack of the Year (HOTY) poll is back!

It’s been a wonderful year for IKEAHackers with over a thousand hacks posted. 2013 was also the year I added an “Ideas” category for stuff that are simpler and not quite hacky. Which only means, there is not just one prize to giveaway but two. Hurrah!

First, let’s have the hacks category. (Ideas Of  The Year will be posted tomorrow.) I’ve chosen these 10 for their genius application of IKEA products, innovation and execution. In short, they work, look good and oh yes, makes my heart miss a beat.

Here’s are my top 10 favourite hacks of 2013 (in no particular order). Which one is yours? Vote for it at the end of this post.

The Expedit bar with sliding countertop

Expedit Bar

This bar features a movable counter that slides open to reveal the liquid goodies and an ice bin. Raise our glass to a very intoxicating hack indeed. See it.

The Broder wire table

Broder table

It seems Broder metal shelves works really well as a table top too. Beautifully pair with glulam wood frame. See it

Noresund railings

Noresund fence

This was definitely one of the “slap-forehead-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” hacks of 2013. The Noresund bed frame makes great outdoor railings too. See it.

The Trofast Amazinganza

Trofast studio

Who would have thought the humble Trofast toy storage box could turn out to be so spectacular – as storage shelves and lightboxes?  See it.

The Book-Bed love affair

Billy Murphy Bed

I’ve always been fascinated by “Murphy” kind of beds and I love books. This hack marries it perfectly with the Fjellse bed and Billy bookcase. See it.

Sleek entertainment

Tarva ice chest

Precision is the word for this hack, especially for the media lover. Sleek and shows only the stuff you want to see, no ugly visible cable lines here. See it.

Spicing it up

Hidden spice rack

Do you have one too many bottles around your cooking area? Seriously, this should come standard with all IKEA kitchens. Little bottles of spices hidden away with a tug. See it.

Dolled up

Doll furniture

I couldn’t resist it. Too cute. See it.

Malm console-dining table in one

Expandable Malm console dining table

I love double-duty furniture and this one does it so well. Close it up and it’s a console. Open it up and it seats 6 down (or maybe 10, if your troop is really skinny) for a meal. See it.

Laiva hideaway

Laiva utility cabinet

A superbly executed hack to slide away all your cleaning-horribilis. It took two sets of Laiva bookcase and a whole lot of ingenuity to come up with this utility drawer. See it.

That’s my top 10. Which should take the HOTY 2013 title? Tell me by clicking below.

Voting ends 26 January 2014 at 11.59pm (EST time).

And now … the prizes.


I am very happy to announce that PrettyPegs will be sponsoring the HOTY 2013 prize. The winner will receive a set of shoes for furniture worth up to $120.

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