Cross stitch table lamp: IKEA LAMPAN upgrade

The LAMPAN lamp is a classic and one of the cheapest table lamp at IKEA. Coming in at a mere $5.99. It recently got a long overdue update — with new colours (gold, silver and blue) and a LED version ($9.99).

IKEA Lampan becomes cross stitch table lamp

If it’s still a little plain for you, it’s easy to embellish. Anat of Anenet Studio used cross stitch and added a pretty flower motif to an otherwise bland lamp shade. Here’s how she did it:




1. I copied the embroidery pattern on a piece of paper.

Attach the cross stitch pattern onto the lamp

Cross stitch table lamp IKEA lampan hack

2. I attached the pattern to the lamp using cellophane tape.

3. I drilled holes at the four corners of every X of the embroidery pattern. I used a 1.5 mm. drill bit.

Drill the holes for the cross stitch

Cross stitch table lamp IKEA lampan hack

4. I gave it a gentle sanding (used my Dremel, but you can do it by hand) to gently scrub off the left over bits from drilling. It sanded it both from the out side and from inside the lampshade.

Cross stitch table lamp IKEA lampan hack

5. I added the embroidery using regular embroidery floss and a needle.

Cross stitch table lamp IKEA lampan hack

Cross stitch table lamp IKEA lampan hack

Turn on the light and enjoy your work!

~ by Anat

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