1 RAST dresser, 14 ways to IKEA hack it

Lookie here! 14 IKEA RAST hacks to makeover the plain pine dresser.

In fashion mags, they will take a piece of clothing … a simple dress or shirt and show you 6 ways to dress it.

Well, the RAST chest of drawers is kinda like that. Squat, square, and solid pine (which is a good thing).

On its own, it’s plain, almost dowdy, nothing to write home about. But when it is dressed up, my-oh-my, does it shine!

Add some bling, shod it in pointy shoes and it becomes cheekily fun, even glamorous. Don’t believe me? Look at these 14 IKEA RAST hacks, ingenious ways to dRASTically (sorry, couldn’t resist that) makeover the RAST.

IKEA RAST chest of drawers
RAST chest of drawers | IKEA.com

Give it some alchemy

Dresser hacked into library card cabinet

See Shirley weave her magic on the RAST, turning it into a nostalgic library card catalog card cabinet. Read more.

RAST shabby chic hack

Shabby Chic IKEA RAST hack

Laura dresses it down with a distressed paint technique to up its cute quotient. Read more.

Wrap it in faux burl and aluminium

IKEA RAST ala West Elm

Bring on the ala West Elm look, but on pennies! Read more.

Bling it up with silver

silver leaf dresser

There’s something decidedly grown up about this silver leaf dresser. Almost as elegant as its cousin HEMNES. Read more.

IKEA RAST goes rustic

Rustic makeover

As I said, solid pine is a good thing. When stained the RAST shows what it’s really made of. Read more.

Get the look of a seasoned traveller

Map decoupage on IKEA dresser

If you don’t like the wood, there are hundreds of ways to cover it. But I am partial to maps. Read more.

Old World Glam

IKEA RAST hack  - Dorothy Draper

This makes me want to put on a shimmery dress and do The Charleston. Read more.

The crisp linen look

IKEA dresser wrapped in linen fabric

The RAST looking sharp and smart with heavy-duty linen. Read more.

IKEA RAST hacks in reflective mode

Mirrored dresser

Add mirrors to the dresser to reflect light. By reflecting its surroundings, it disappears into the background. Read more.

Go dark and industrial

IKEA RAST hack  - Industrial looking dresser

Black becomes the RAST, don’t you think? Read more.

Give it new shoes

Hairpin legs for IKEA RAST dresser

Here it is in pointy shoes! Read more.

IKEA RAST takes on Campaign style

Campaign style RAST

Whoever said it’s plain and boring, look again. Read more.

Make it count

Cut outs handles for RAST

It looks completely different with drawer cut outs instead of knobs. Simple twist, big difference. Read more.

Get Stripey

IKEA RAST hack - stripes

Brighten the RAST with hand painted strips of colours. Read more.

And that’s all 14 IKEA RAST hacks. I’m sure there are still many more ways to makeover the plain dresser.

What have you done to your RAST? Let me know in the comments below.