Q of the Week: Show me your IKEA kids room ideas

ikea kids room ideas

Danni called for kids room ideas on the IKEA Hackers Facebook Group and the community really showed up on this one.

Her original question was:

“IKEA kids rooms. Show me your IKEA storage solutions for kids. Toys and clothes.”

I thought that was a great question and the responses simply lovely. For that reason, I selected Danni’s question for this week’s Hackers Help so we can all get a load of cool IKEA kids room ideas.

Now, let’s be clear that these are not pretty and “styled for magazines” photos. I love that these are actual rooms from people with kids. The mess is real. And how life is.

Let’s get going.

IKEA KALLAX ideas for kids room

This one is from Dominika and she used the KALLAX 1×4 cubes. She says they “work perfectly with my kids and no mess.” Dominika formed the KALLAX units into an L-shaped seating area for her kids.

It also looks like she painted animal characters on the DRÖNA boxes. So cute. (Shop for custom painted DRÖNA boxes on Etsy)

ikea kids room ideas with KALLAX
Credit: Dominika Longbot-tom

The next kids room idea is from Claire. She designed this gorgeous playroom with the IKEA KALLAX with LEKMAN boxes. (Seems to be discontinued in some markets. Get them on Amazon)

The all white scheme keeps visual clutter at bay, while still offering loads of storage for toys and books.

kids room with white IKEA KALLAX and LEKMAN boxes
Credit: Claire Fabris

Here’s another one with the KALLAX. Flower Smith used the KALLAX for her kid’s toys, clothes, shoes and coats, all in one great big 5×5 cube bookcase. She left off the assembly of the top 2 rows of cubes and installed a clothes rail. Plain and simple but it works.

ikea kids room idea
Credit: Flower Smith

Similar idea but Aaron Argent chose the old EXPEDIT TV unit instead. (Discontinued, available on Amazon)

ikea kids room idea - expedit
Credit: Aaron Argent

We have quite a few kids closets and storage furniture on IKEA hackers too. Still love this one by Katherine.

ikea kids room idea - kallax
Credit: Twinpickle.com


Arguably, the most popular IKEA item used in kids rooms has to be the TROFAST.

The U formation of the staggered TROFAST unit seems to be the most regularly seen. The lower sections provide a great base for a desk or kid’s seat.

 toy storage - trofast
Credit: Sharra Anderton

Sharra says, “IKEA TROFAST for toys. The big green container is from Bunnings.”

The TROFAST (pine version) can be easily painted to match your decor. Read this tutorial for some handy tips as well as instructions on how to sew the seat using a ready made pillow.

toy storage - trofast
Credit: Jennifer Louise

Another way to create a desk is to suspend a wooden board between two TROFAST units. See the tutorial here.

toy storage - trofast

Credit: That Mommy Blog

Moving along, this is a combo of the KALLAX and TROFAST wall unit. “KALLAX for toys and books. TROFAST for LEGO.” For the room they also made a LACK LEGO table too. All IKEA except base plates. (not in picture)

toy storage - trofast

Credit: Vicki Corbett

I love this one by Jade too. Two TROFAST frames, back to back, makes one big play table with storage.

toy storage - trofast

Credit: Jade Kimberley Taylor

IKEA made this for kids

Finally, we cannot miss out on the STUVA range. After all, IKEA designed it specifically for the kids room. The STUVA is excellent for toy and kids clothes storage. (Even as a pantry). They have rounded edges and handles safe for little fingers.

ikea kids room idea - stuva
kids room idea - stuva
Credit: Ana Belem

Ana thinks they are the “best storage ever for kids.” Next to the KURA bed, she placed two STUVA benches. One with the drawer for toy storage and the other left open for use as a kids desk.

On the left is one big wall of STUVA shelves and drawers. You can house plenty in there.

kids room idea - stuva

One final idea. You can also combine the STUVA bench with the BESTÅ TV unit to make use of vertical storage. Though from two different range, they blend seamlessly. Take a look at the BESTÅ toy storage system here.

Hope you were inspired by these 12 IKEA kids room ideas.

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