10 things to hack while you stay at home

stay at home hacks

Staying at home for an extended period is challenging, even for the truest homebody.

For me, making something beautiful or useful helps me. I can’t control a lot of what goes on out there, but in my home, it can still go my way.

Needless to say, getting material of any sort is tough at this point.

What I do is shop my home — my fabric stash, old wrapping papers, strings, threads, wood planks. What better opportunity to use up all the leftovers.

Many IKEA stores around the globe are closed but are open for online purchases.

You can get it delivered and start on the IKEA hack you’ve always wanted to do.

Or if you’re stumped on ideas, here are 10 easy hacks that you can do while you ride the storm out.

They don’t need a ton of materials and you may already have them at home.

10 easy hacks to do while you stay at home

#1 BEKVÄM step stool with washi tape
stay at home ikea hacks

Time to spruce up the old BEKVÄM step stool. (If you have the version in white you won’t even need to spray paint it.) Then line the steps with washi tape. See the full tutorial. If you don’t have washi tape, you can use ribbons, wrapping paper, or even a marker to draw on it.

#2 Organise your makeup
stay at home ikea hacks

Tidying up is one of the best things to do at this time. The more orderly your home is, the more comfortable you’ll feel. Start with a small part of your closet for an easy win, like skin care and makeup. Then store the bits that you really need in this easy DIY make-up organiser.

#3 Get your pantry sorted
stay at home ikea hacks

Continue your tidying in the kitchen. Transform your pantry into a super organised space with IKEA BEKVÄM spice racks. They are super handy as tiered pantry organisers. Read more.

#4 Make it glow
stay at home ikea hacks

Do you have a STOMMA clock and want it to glow in the dark? Here’s an easy way to hack it.

#5 Make a moon lamp
stay at home ikea hacks

This is a fantastic project for all in the family. All you need is the FADO lamp, dark grey acrylic paint and kitchen towels. See how you can make a moon lamp.

#6 Piggy waistcoat
piggy waistcoat

If you have one of the many IKEA soft toys, it’s time to play dress up. See this stylish waistcoat for the KELGRIS pig. All you need is some felt or any other fabric.

#7 Create a craft station
craft station

Hack a mobile sewing / craft / art station with the SUNNERSTA cart and SKÅDIS pegboard. Add on SKÅDIS accessories and fill them up with your craft materials. See the tutorial here.

#8 Wallpaper some drawers
wallpaper kallax

Wallpaper! A simple way to transform the look of bookcases and shelving. Seen here on the KALLAX drawer inserts is the Orla Kiely “Linear Stem” in antique green. Lots of removable wallpaper to choose for your next project. Read more.

#9 Decorate a lamp
vidja lamp with fish decor

A fun project with the kids. Print out images you would like to stick on the lamp. Affix with double sided tape. See here for the tutorial. You can also hack the REGOLIT lamp shade in so many different ways.

#10 Easy faux apothecary cabinet
faux apothecary cabinet

The dresser looks like a nine drawer chest but it’s really just three drawers. Very easy to do too. See more here.