How to combine TROFAST storage with art easel

I am desperate for more space in my sons’ shared room. I’d like to replace their much-loved easel with TROFAST storage but am wondering if there is a hack that could transform TROFAST into a kids art easel?

TROFAST and MALA easel

TROFAST storage unit | MÅLA easel |

I am imagining a chalkboard and or whiteboard cover over the openings that can slide over or flip up somehow and accommodate a paper roll for painting.

Wishful thinking or possible with the expertise of better hackers than I? I would be so grateful!!

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Hi Angela

I think there are several ways to look at the situation. Hope my ideas will be suitable for your boys’ room.

Wall mounted easel

Firstly, the easel. I’m assuming it’s a MÅLA easel? Even if it isn’t, it doesn’t matter. An easel does not necessarily have to take up floor space. You can mount it on the wall or on the side of a wardrobe. So don’t ditch it yet, you may still find space for it.

You can disassemble it and blend it seamlessly into the room. You can even turn one side into a magnetic board if you wish. (Good for hanging metal pen containers). View the full tutorial.

wall mounted MALA easel
Add drawing surfaces to the TROFAST sides

Here’s another idea. How about using the flat sides of the TROFAST unit as drawing surfaces? I would suggest having two TROFAST units back to back to get a larger drawing surface. Add a piece of wood, such as MDF or plywood to the two sides to join the two units together and get two flat surfaces.

This paper holder can be fixed on to the flat side of the TROFAST using a picture ledge to contain pens and crayons, then a MÅLA paper roll on curtain rods. You can also paint the side with chalkboard paint, if your kids want to switch between paper and chalk.

wall mounted mala coloring paper

An even easier way to add the paper would be to use the MÅLA Tabletop paper holder. Use screws to drill from under the TROFAST up into the paper holder.

A rough sketch of the idea would be as follows:

trofast easel hack

On the other flat surface, stick on a whiteboard vinyl decal.

Finally, add casters wheels to the bottom so you can access storage on the other side. Use wheels with brakes so the TROFAST easel won’t move around when your kids draw.

Storage and art table

Anne has an excellent tutorial on turning two TROFAST units into an art table, complete with paper rolls. In the long run, this may be a good solution as it will provide a desk for your kids to do so much more than draw. And you don’t lose out on storage.

trofast art table

Hope that has been helpful. Let us know what you come up with.

Happy hacking,


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