BYGGLEK, now with 3 fun furniture assembly manuals

Towards the end of 2020, IKEA and LEGO launched the much talked about BYGGLEK. It was a collection of clever boxes which not only provided space to store LEGO bricks, but also studded surfaces for builds as well.

The range quickly became a firm favourite among the LEGO community.



Recently, IKEA, in a playful twist, recreated their furniture for the BYGGLEK set. They came up with a set of assembly manuals on how to build IKEA furniture with the BYGGLEK LEGO bricks.

We know. This was bound to happen sooner or later.

“To celebrate (the launch), we’ve developed instruction manuals so you can re-create your favourite IKEA pieces from your new BYGGLEK brick set,” writes IKEA Australia on their site.

So far, they’ve published guides for 3 items: the KLIPPAN sofa, GRÖNLID armchair and MALM bed.

The BYGGLEK guides are illustrated like regular IKEA assembly manuals, but so much easier to follow.

BYGGLEK assembly manuals - klippan


Follow the step-by-step instructions and in no-time you’ll have miniature IKEA furniture. They would be wonderful additions to any dollhouse and LEGO constructs.

BYGGLEK assembly manuals

Can’t wait to assemble some IKEA furniture, BYGGLEK style? Get the assembly guides here.

And get your set of LEGO BYGGLEK via these links:

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