IKEA inspires us to repurpose 12 products, including this greenhouse

Repurposeful Instructions for an IKEA cabinet that begs to be a greenhouse.

IKEA seems to have caught the hacking (or repurposing) bug. Just last week, I featured IKEA Netherlands inviting 12 artists to shop the As-Is (Circular Hub, nowadays) and turn the items into works of art.

Now IKEA Canada gives us another set of exciting repurposed IKEA items. I can only assume more and more IKEA locations will start sharing their modifications, as the company moves towards being fully circular by 2030.

Our Canadian IKEA co-workers have created 12 IKEA repurposeful instructions, ranging from beginner to advanced projects. All accessible from this page.

IKEA Repurposeful Instructions
IKEA Repurposeful Instructions: Beginners

The Beginner’s projects focus on repurposing items, such as the VARIERA plastic bag dispenser into a cleaning caddy. That IKEA item is — for sure — a handy one. On IKEAhackers, we’ve also turned them into a Yarn Station, Gift Wrap holder, even a low budget bedside lamp.

Other projects include a candle holder repurposed into a planter, art display, toys storage and organizers.

I also like the FABRIKÖR terrarium, very much in line with the IKEA greenhouse cabinet trend.

For this project, you’ll need the FABRIKÖR cabinet, plants and weather stripping. They recommend a humidity monitor too.

According to their instructions, drawn in the IKEA assembly manual style, you’ll need to apply weather stripping to the interior seams of the cabinet to create a moisture seal. Then, add the plants and you’re done!

IKEA Repurposeful Instructions - FABRIKOR greenhouse

Personal experience tells me keeping a plant alive needs more than that. Installing some grow lights and fans may be necessary too. But, this is the basic version of a greenhouse. And it’s a good place to start.

Going intermediate

The Intermediate projects are a little more involved.

Continuing with the green-theme, the FRAKTA hanging planter is a pretty one. You’ll need the medium sized blue bags, rope and S-hooks.

Check out the video below for a quick look at how the planter is done.

Looks familiar? You bet. Way back in 2014, we featured the hanging bag planter hack below with smaller custom sewn IKEA bags and metal chains (much easier to reposition). Now, you can omit the sewing with the smallest blue bag, BRATTBY.

hanging blue bag planter

Included in this Intermediate section is a RIBBA organizer and ASXTAD shoe drawer.

Advanced projects

The last category is where you’ll need to bring out the power tools.

The two projects are for birds and bees.

IKEA repurposeful instructions

The first is an IVAR beehive with room for 24 hives.

In a nutshell, the IVAR shelves are modified into brackets, attached to the interior side walls of the IVAR. There is enough room in the cabinet for 3 levels. The hives then hang from these brackets.

The second project is a cute birdhouse from BLANDA MATT wooden bowl. (Joining two bowls reminds me of this sphere speaker hack.) What I like most about it? The Allen Key perch.

Visit IKEA Canada to browse the manuals. It’s worth a look.

Have you attempted anything similar? If so let us know and share your ideas too.