8 Easy Hacks to Organise and Declutter Your Kitchen

kitchen organization hacks

The kitchen is one of the busiest room in the house and, in many cases, in need of organization hacks.

Getting your kitchen space organized may not be as tough as it seems. So, let’s begin our Spring Fresh Start series with the kitchen.

Here are a few quick tips and kitchen organization hacks for your kitchen and pantry.

#1 Fit in a movable kitchen island

A movable island is useful in so many ways — as an extra counter top, to store pots and pans and to serve from. This one from Jen ticks all the boxes. She topped the KALLAX 2×2 unit with LAMPLIG cutting boards.

kitchen organization hacks

Credit: Jen Lou Meredith

No space for an island? Here’s a mini DIY version using LACK side tables which you can easily push to the side when you want it out of the way.

kitchen organization hacks

See more hacks for kitchen islands and carts.

#2 Organize your pantry

Some IKEA storage solutions work excellently as pantry units. Like the STUVA, fitted with a few GRUNDLIG drawers or baskets. Being able to see through the baskets is helpful in checking your inventory.

See another version of the STUVA pantry here.

STUVA pantry

The shallower PAX is also great for use as kitchen storage too.

If space is limited, a tall skinny BILLY works just as well.

kitchen organization hacks

Credit: Feeling Nifty

#3 Hook it up

Use the PLUTT self-adhesive hooks behind the cupboard door to hold up various small items like snacks, measuring spoons or even cables for your devices and small appliances.

Photo: IKEA.com

#4 Maximize unused space

Make use of gaps like those at the end of countertop and the fridge to squeeze in more storage space. Hack a rolling cart from BEKVÄM spice racks to fit into the refrigerator gap.

Don’t miss out the gap at the end of your kitchen counter, if any. This hacker used the GRUNDTAL shelf to store wine bottles and herbs. (The GRUNDTAL is unavailable in some countries, so consider using the KUNGSFORS system instead.)

#5 Make use of wall space

Sort out your sauces and spices with picture ledges like the MOSSLANDA or the bamboo version called MÅLERÅS. Add a rail below to hang your utensils.

RIBBA picture ledge spice rack

Add another ledge if you have lots of spices. Label RAJTAN spice racks to keep them organized.

RIBBA picture ledge spice rack

Source: House Beautiful

#6 Layer it

The UPPDATERA spice rack organizer lets you store more bottles in the same footprint. The stepped rack makes efficient use of space inside kitchen drawers and still let you see all your spice bottles at a glance. The same kind of stepped organizers are also available for cutlery and knives, though not from IKEA.

#7 Organize pots and lids

Pots, pans and lids are in my books the one that take up the most space. They are large, bulky and given their different sizes, hard to store. I’ve found the best method that works for me is to stack the pots — from big to small. As for pans, I line them up. Lids also work lined up.

The VARIERA pot lid organizer works superbly for this purpose. As the VARIERA is extendable it works well for both lids and pans. The organizer is great for dishes and baking trays too.

Photo: IKEA.com

#8 Declutter under the kitchen sink

Under the sink is cabinet version of the junk drawer. Often chock a block with detergent, cleaning sponges, brushes etc. All that clutter makes it hard to access the cleaning materials under the sink. Make a turntable from a SNUDDA lazy susan and tray for your cleaning agents.

Use the KNUFF magazine holder as door bins to hold bottles, boxes of cling wrap, foil, etc against the kitchen cabinet doors.

Increase the functionality of old kitchen cabinets by modifying them to make smarter use of space. If your cabinets are short on shelves, add wire baskets and plastic containers to keep the contents neat and well-organised.

kitchen organization hacks

Source: IKEA.com

What are your hacks for quick kitchen organization?

What other hacks and ideas do you have for kitchen organization? Do you have a go-to tip you can share with our readers?

Hope you’re inspired to reorganize your kitchen this weekend.