DIY hanging planters: 3 ways to make them from IKEA items

DIY hanging planters
Photo Credit: Monkeyengine and Mark Papamarcos

If you want to add some greenery to your home, DIY hanging planters are a great way to do just that. And what better way to create them than using affordable IKEA items?

With some creativity and essential tools, you can transform IKEA products into cute hanging plant pots that add a touch of nature to any room. We have three easy DIY project tutorials you can customize to fit your style.

So, let’s get started on creating some beautiful DIY hanging planters using IKEA items.

IKEA utensil holder planter DIY

Photo Credit: Doug

Tired of his sparse kitchen feeling sterile, Doug was eager to add some greenery. With a long glass panel on the door, he knew hanging planters would make the perfect display. After tossing around ideas, Doug realized he could craft inexpensive vertical planters using just two familiar IKEA items.

Just 2 IKEA items needed

Photo Credit:

Doug used five IKEA ORDNING utensil holders to span the length of the kitchen door. He threaded stainless steel DIGNITET curtain wire through the outer holes of the holders before securing two IKEA DIGNITET curtain rod mounts to the door. Regular plants, herbs, and succulents were placed in nursery pots slotted into the ORDNING containers.

Doug loves how it adds some greenery to their small apartment. You can jumbo size this idea and make it longer and bigger by adding more rows.

Hanging planter bags from IKEA shopping bags

Photo Credit: Thomas

Thomas tried to build a garden wall on his balcony using hanging planters. He wanted to use several planter bags, but the cost quickly added up if he bought regular hanging planter bags. So, he made DIY hanging planters from large IKEA blue shopping bags.

IKEA bags as planter bags

IKEA Frakta bag
Photo Credit:

He ripped the seams of the blue bags and cut them up to be sewn into miniature bags. They measure about 4″x4″x4″ (10x10x10 cm) on each side. He sewed the rectangle, closing the open side and bottom. Then, he tucked the bottom corners in, forming a box, and sewed them down. Lastly, he added the straps to the sides to hang the planter bags.

At the ceiling, he fixed chains and hung up the little bags with small hooks.

Make a stainless steel hanging planter bowl

Photo Credit: Monkeyengine and Mark Papamarcos

Mark wanted to hang plants in his home but found typical hanging planters unattractive and lacking in style. He saw potential in repurposing IKEA’s BLANDA BLANK stainless steel bowls instead.

By adding some hardware he already had on hand from other projects, Mark transformed the bowls into elegant hanging planters. He crafted stainless steel cable “slings” that could support the weight of the bowls when hung.

Supplies needed:

Photo Credit: Mark Papamarcos
  • IKEA BLANDA BLANK 14″ stainless steel bowl
  • 48″ stainless cables with swaged ends
  • Dual cable ferrules
  • Stainless eyes and S-hooks from Home Depot
  • Plastic disks (optional)

Drill for cables and drainage

Photo Credit: Mark Papamarcos

Mark drilled four holes into the sides of the stainless steel bowl for the cables to thread through.

Add cables to hang

Photo Credit: Mark Papamarcos

Thread cables through the disk, making sure not to cross them. Loop loose ends of cable and insert into ferrules. Swage the aluminum ferrules; it takes six passes, three for an initial crimp and three more to squish them. It’s fun, but watch your fingers! Insert an S-hook. Hang and level.

The discs are not essential but seem to help to add some cable tension that keeps the bowls at level.

Add a screw hook to your ceiling and hang your planter up. For a two-tier version of this IKEA hack, see this IKEA Hanging Blanda Plant Pots tutorial.

The IKEA DIY turned simple decorative items into sophisticated hanging planters, providing a stylish solution for Mark’s plant display needs. It showed how IKEA pieces could be creatively repurposed with just a few additions.

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