Vote for the ikea hack of the year

i can’t believe that i’m posting the last entry for the year. yeah, this is the last till we hit 2007. i’ll be off tomorrow for a break with family and friends. then i’ll be flying to bali to usher in the new year. i am so looking forward to the trip and hope to pick up some interesting pieces for my home.

when i started ikeahacker 6 months ago, i did not anticipate the response i would receive. for that, i am thankful. i’ve enjoyed meeting every one of you who have commented on the blog, helped me with my logo, html and questions. most of all, thank you for sending in your ikea hacks. that kept this site (and me!) going.

i figured we should end the year by voting for the 2006 mother of all hacks. i’ve shortlisted 10 of my favourites, which was really difficult as that meant filtering out some good ones. but here they are, the top 10. so get clicky clicky.




vince’s sliding door room divider is still a hot favourite and one of the most searched pages on this blog.







our hack of the month for july. cheap and very stylish solution to light the stairs.




i like how striking this post-it lamp is. and not forgetting how easy it is to hack.




am loving the opaque sliding doors and how beautifully they hide the media clutter.




the nudie stamps do it for me. naughty and nice.




ingenious idea. who would have thought a potholder could take such good pictures?








lovely lovely. a terrific sideboard indeed. a fine specimen of a hack.





drab pillowcase made over into hot skirt.





now possible, every colour in the rainbow to match your moods..

i really think this banquette looks way better than the original daybed. ikea, watch and learn!

update: voting is now closed for this poll.
andrew’s hemnes daybed turns banquette takes top spot!

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we’ve had a great haul this year, haven’t we?
i’m excited to seeing what turns up next year. please do keep your ikea hacks coming!

enjoy the holidays. merry christmas and see you next year.