Which is the best IKEA Hack of 2014? The poll is on!

Best IKEA Hack of 2014

Hello there!
I am very happy to present my annual list of the top 10 favourite IKEA hacks of 2014 (HOTY 2014).

I’ve spent the last few days scrolling through a thousand IKEA hacks and more. I love doing this. It’s a happy skip down memory lane to see all the hacks that have made it to the site and pick the crème de la crème.

My criteria has always remained the same:

  • Did the hacker use the IKEA item in a creative way?
  • Is the idea as fresh as milk from the udder? (well, you know what I mean)
  • Is it executed with aplomb?
  • Does it have the hex-factor (appeal)?

Nice and simple, right? Okay, let’s get the show rolling. Vote for the one you think is the best at the end of the post. If you think some other hack should have made it to the list, do let me know in the comments section.

Here’s are my top 10 favourite hacks of 2014 (in no particular order). Which one is yours? Vote for it at the end of this post.

I heart HYLLIS

Soffia took four units of HYLLIS, made some cuts and turned them into industrial shelves – a huge departure from what they were before. Read more.

EXPEDIT transforms from TV cab to play table


Steve screwed four large RILL casters to the sides of each EXPEDIT unit and added a set of hinges to turn the shelf units into a long TV cabinet and then, a rectangle play table. I can hear all the kids say “Yay”!  Read more.

Little house in the forest

kura house

A charming bed with an upper play deck using the KURA bed frame as base. Well done, Gisela! Read more.

A Card Catalog cabinet that’s not a Card Catalog Cabinet

Again the EXPEDIT! (It refuses to go into the night quietly…) Corey disguises the EXPEDIT beautifully with wood strips over the laminate.  Read more.

A room made entirely from PAX wardrobes

Netnegry made a room within the living room entirely out of PAX closets, without any construction material other than furniture. I am wowed every time I look at this. Read more.

 Most awesome KURA bed ever

Eric made this for his son, to get him to give up his convertible toddler bed for his little sister. The kid got an awesome deal because this bed includes a slide, ball run and pulley, and secret room. Read more.

BILLY hides a bed

msilberberg lives in Manhattan where space is a premium. They came up with this great idea of hiding the bed behind the BILLY. Read more.

Tuck Away Expedit

Arian needed to fit storage in a very narrow space so he stacked three 2×2 EXPEDIT on top of each other and slotted them into the space. Best thing is, it disappears! Read more.

Gorgeous movable KALLAX workstation

Ryan used two white KALLAX shelving units as the core of the workstation, sandwiched by 3/4″ A-grade plywood. Beautiful! Read more.

BILLY reclaimed

The short BILLY bookcase given a very different treatment. Reclaimed wood legs were added with 16 drawers to match. Read more.

And that’s my shortlist. What do you think?

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Voting ends Jan 25, 2015, 11.59pm (EST time).

And the prezzies…

The winner of the IKEA Hack of the Year 2015 gets a $250 Amazon gift card, as an appreciation of his/her hacking ingenuity and encouragement to keep hacking. The world needs more of your brilliance.

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