A cute catbox . . . finally!

Krista joins the many Ikea hackers who finally found a cute solution to a messy problem. It is a more compact version of this PS litter box hack and offers a side entrance, instead of making kitty climb up through a hole in the floor of the cabinet. If you don’t have much space at home, this could be it.

Krista says, “So here’s our solution – finally – to the litter box issue.

First there is the question – where to put the litter box. Then, how to clean it easily.

And can it be cute?
Can we hide it in plain site?
Without too much odor?

It has taken us lots of moves, lots of trials and errors,and lots of hacking, but finally, we figured out a simple, convenient cat box solution that also fits our decor. Hooray!

We used a PS cabinet on casters cut a entry hole in one side, sanded and taped the edges, and put a litter box inside.

We and our 4 cats, are now quite happy.”

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