Put a cat litter box at the entryway?

The first thing that comes to mind – “No way!” Kitty’s poo-poo palace is not the best thing to greet you the moment you open the door and … what about the smell? But as we see, hackers have found a way to cleverly disguise litter boxes. Here are two, that can make an entrance to any landing space.

Sleek cat litter and bench

Romina comes up with a winning cat box. It’s so simple yet looks great. Better yet, it doubles up as a litter box bench.

She says, “Living in a Chicago high rise has its problems when it comes to cats and their litter box. There is just no good place to keep it! When you are two architects who really have an eye for the modern and chic, you really don’t want a kitty litter box in your closet, or bathroom. We came up with solution to hide the cat box: made from the BESTÅ shelf/height extension units and the BESTÅ Holmbo door. We added the CAPITA legs and inset them for a modern look.

It sits in our entry foyer and serves as a bench for sitting and putting on your shoes, a mail area, and kitty litter hide out. The cats love it for its privacy and we love it because no one knows what this piece hides! The only thing we did was cut the middle vertical panel in half to allow a hole for the cats to sneak through. We added some contact paper to the inside to protect the particle board from the cats scratching it and for easy cleaning.

Kitty kitty litter box

Aurélien does hers with a NORREBO storage bench. She added a cute “cat” entrance to the side and for the front, used only the front panel of the pull-out drawer. The panel is held in place with magnets. Easily removable for cleaning.

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