Over bath changing table for small spaces

Want a changing table that sits on your bathtub yet leave you enough space to take a comfortable bath? Here you are! This is my over bath changing table.

I hacked a cheap SNIGLAR using just a little saw, a drill and lot of patience.changing-table-over-bathtub

First, I cut the rear legs. In this way the lower table lay on the bath supporting all the structure. Of course bath and table lengths must match!

Then I pierced all four legs with the drill making new fits for the table at the desired height. Maintaining the original height would have made the over bath changing table too much tall for me.

Finally, I apply anti-slippery patches under the table, for improve stability.

Believe me. There is enough spare space in the bath to take a bath without having to be a contortionist!

~ Marco, Italy

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Jules Yap