The Top 10 IKEA hacks of 2016

Top 10 IKEA Hacks of 2016

It took some time but it’s here, my list of the top 10 IKEA hacks of 2016. I think there’s something for everyone on the list. Three hacks for parents with young kids, one for the guy or girl who works from home, two tool storage hacks for the tinkerer, even a swanky bag for the outdoorsy person.

Unlike previous years, I’ll not be running the polls to vote for the hack of the year. It turned out pretty bad last year with vote rigging and nasty comments going back and forth. I think we can all dispense with that. Let’s just enjoy the sterling work of each individual hacker and not pit one against another. We’ve had too much of that in recent times. I vote for peace of mind and appreciation for all.

Without further ado, I present the top 10 IKEA hacks of 2016.

RAST tool storage box

Liz solved the problem of having nowhere to store her tools by hacking a RAST chest of drawers. We’ve seen many RAST makeovers but this goes to a whole new territory. See details of the hack.

Storage cubby and reading corner

This one from Natalie is so easy to DIY. I can see how useful this hack can be in all the lonely corners of the house. Storage underneath, seating on top. Lots of cozy reading time. Read more.

Rolling LEGO station

Deconome’s version of the LEGO play table but this one rolls! And it has ledges for minifigures to stand guard. Love! See how it’s done.

Slim laptop desk

I absolutely adore Lauren’s EKBY ALEX desk. The warm wood wrap-around perfectly cocoons the otherwise ordinary drawers. Click to see more.

Ultralight FRAKTA backpack

This is one of the smartest hack ever done on the IKEA FRAKTA blue bag. I’d definitely recommend IKEA to come up with a backpack version of the FRAKTA. I mean it’s hard to lug 30 kgs on one shoulder, don’t you think? In the meantime, see how to make your own.

Industrial BILLY with hidden toy bed

If you’re tired of white particleboard, consider going for Medina’s industrial vibe. She totally transformed a white BILLY into faux metal. See how it’s done.

Tall and elegant

Karolina added legs to the MALSJO and suddenly, it became a whole new piece of furniture. Status elevated with a simple hack. See more.

Radiator things

Not everyone likes their old vintage radiator. Jackie found a pretty way to cover it up with ALGOT shelves and gained a lovely plant center in the process. See more photos.

Sneaky Alex

Tool storage is having its moment on IKEAhackers. This is the second tool storage hack which I think is brilliant. Elizabeth didn’t have much space but she still found a way to make it happen. See her space saving solution.

KALLAX drawers

This is one of those things you wish IKEA offered — a half cube drawer for the KALLAX. Till then, Daniel’s hack is the next best thing. See how it’s done.

That’s all folks! If you have a favourite not listed here, tell me in the comments below.