Beautiful Birch Branch Floor Lamp

Beautiful Birch Branch Floor Lamp

IKEA items used:

  • HEMMA floor lamp base $18
  • JARA lamp Shade 17” (not available on website – a RULLAN shade could work also).

After seeing a birch floor lamp in a local store for $400 I thought I could make it for much less. I purchased 4 – four foot, birch 1-1/2” to 2” logs on Amazon. $45 delivered.



  • Drill
  • Cable Ties (I happened to have 8” on hand, but you can use longer or shorter and link them together)


Position the branches to be sure any natural arch falls towards the lamp, this makes the final product more stable.


Drill a hold through the back 1/3 of the birch branch – 1 “ from the top of the branch.

birch-lamp-1 birch-lamp-3

Cable tie all the branches together, leaving the last cable tie open

Put the 4 branches on the base of the lamp and pull them together with the cable tie at the top of the lamp as shown. (be careful not to drag and scratch). Position of the branches at the base does not matter at this point until the cable tie is fully secure at the top.

Beautiful Birch Branch Floor Lamp

Arrange the branches as you prefer (I made mine a 4 legged and spread out – you could secure the base to have a different look.

~ by Kary

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