Hackers Help: Say my name, say my name?

With thousands of IKEA products coming and going, it’s not easy to remember every name. That’s where we all come in. Collective memory is better than my single brain. So it’s up to us to help IKEAhackers readers pin down the name that’s on the tip of their tongue.

Here goes.

#1 What’s this wardrobe?

Kelly has this wardrobe cabinet purchased from IKEA in New Jersey back in August 2014. She would like to disassemble it to move it to a new location, but cannot remember the name of it. Having a name makes it easier to search for assembly manuals.

She has also looked through the IKEA catalogs from 2011-2015 with no luck.

ikea odda wardrobe

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Kelly, you’re in luck. I made an Image search on Google and can confirm that this black and white beauty is an ODDA wardrobe. IKEAaddict archived it, with the assembly manual available here.

I love the ODDA wardrobe design with the flip top doors at the top and drawers at the bottom. Would work well in the kitchen too as pantry storage.

#2 Mystery IKEA swivel chair

Moving on to this swivel chair from Karin. As you can see the slipcover has seen better days and she would like any information about making a slipcover for it.

Karin, the swivel chair is the discontinued IKEA LUNNA chair. It was a pretty popular model back in its day and was often referred to as “the most comfortable chair in IKEA”. The chair came with a footstool too, if you’re looking to complete the set.

And I had to add this bit of trivia: This beloved chair is now going for €357 (in a completely restored condition) from the original €129. ?

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As for a slipcover, I wasn’t able to find a tutorial specific to the LUNNA but I think the basic steps should be more or less the same. Here’s a slipcover tutorial for the SKRUVSTA that can guide you in making your own LUNNA slipcover.

On another site, I found this beauty! Not sure if they still take orders but it’s worth a try. Linked here.

ikea lunna swivel chair

Photo: Tango and James

Have fun restoring and upcycling your old IKEA items.

If you wish you can still buy these models from IKEA, add it to our “IKEA, please bring back list“.

Happy hacking,