How we built a small LEGO room with IKEA

lego room ideas

From Duplo to LEGO, IKEA SMÅSTAD turns play space into a small LEGO room.

We IKEA hacked our two SMÅSTAD benches with toy storage with a wooden top and some ENERYDA cup handles, and our kids have been using it as a LEGO table. The drawer beneath is used for Duplo storage.

But our oldest is growing bigger and is now really into LEGO for the big kids. After receiving all of his Dad’s old LEGO bricks from his childhood, we needed good storage space for all the building blocks. So we thought why not convert the playroom set-up into a small LEGO room? A space where we could organize and (more) easily find the pieces by color and build old sets from still-saved instructions. But also have the space to be more creative.

What’s a LEGO room?

A LEGO room is a dedicated space for your LEGO hobby. It’s a space to keep your bricks organized and contained, providing a fun and creative environment for building and displaying your work. It can occupy a small corner, a spare room, or an entire basement. It’s up to you and here are a few ideas to get you started.

IKEA used items: 

  • SMÅSTAD bench with toy storage x 2
  • KUGGIS boxes
  • SAMLA boxes
  • VARIERA drawer mat
  • SMÅGORA shelf unit x 2 for the wall

Other materials and tools:

  • Set of drawer slides
  • Leftover furniture panel
  • U-profile
  • Corner profile
  • Super wood clue


  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw

Our ideas for the LEGO room

1. SMÅSTAD bench into play table and storage drawer

LEGO room with SMASTAD toy storage bench as play table and brick storage

We wanted to keep the old setup of the play area with the SMÅSTAD desk and drawer and needed a quick but practical solution for brick storage. We could’ve stacked some LEGO storage boxes on the table, but we thought this wouldn’t be practical, and not quite polished. 

2. An extra shelf for organizing LEGO bricks

runner for shelf

Tossing a few ideas around we finally landed on this. We cut down the sides of the SMÅSTAD toy storage drawer, so there was a bit more space above it inside the desk. We finished off the cut edges with U-profiles.

Inside the desk, we fixed a shelf with drawer slides. The shelf was made of an old piece of leftover furniture panel.

Corner profile to stop container from falling over

To prevent boxes from sliding (and bricks scattering all over) we added a piece of VARIERA drawer mat on top.

After having to pick up one box of LEGO bricks that had fallen off the back of the shelf, we ended up adding a corner profile at the back of the shelf, to prevent further LEGO catastrophes.

3. Keep bricks contained

We filled both spaces with a variation of KUGGIS boxes and two SAMLA boxes (one with LEGO bricks and one with Technic LEGO). Also added an extra KUGGIS sorting bin for projects/half-finished builds. 

4. Display minifigs with IKEA BYGGLEK

BYGGLEK box for LEGO minifig display

The BYGGLEK LEGO box (26x18x12 cm) that fits nicely in the SMÅGORA shelf unit is now our mini LEGO brick room minifig station.

We like this simple but practical LEGO room. The hardest part was installing the drawer slides, but we picked the easy ones and it went well. The video below shows how the shelf pulls out from the bench.

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~ by Marleen K.

What other ideas have you used in your LEGO room? Let us know in the comments below.