15 Surprising Ways to Hack IKEA’s $13 Side Table

Man assembling IKEA LACK side table with 2 daughters
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The IKEA LACK side table is as “IKEA” as it gets. Minimal. Particleboard exterior. “Honeycomb” interior. Easy to assemble.

The IKEA LACK side table (21 5/8″ x 21 5/8″ x 17 3/4″) sells for $12.99, recently lowered from the previous price of $16.99. Not too long ago, IKEA started producing a smaller side table (13 3/4″ x 13 3/4″) which goes for $9.99. You can slide the small side table under the larger LACK side table as a set of nesting tables and save space.

The versatile IKEA LACK side table

IKEA LACK side table
Photo Credit: IKEA.com

The cheap price means a lot of possibilities for IKEA hacks. We’ll explore 15 unique and creative ways to hack and use the IKEA LACK side table. Some, perhaps, in ways you’ve never thought of before. Let’s go.

1. Pair the tabletop with a cube base

LACK side table hack
Photo Credit: @teadelena

DIYer Teadelena gives the side table a new look. She dropped the LACK legs and replaced them with another IKEA product — an EKET cube. Assemble the EKET cube and use an adhesive such as Liquid Nails to glue the edge of the EKET cube to the underside of the LACK side table. You can also finish the sides of the EKET cube with wood slats or trim if you want to embellish it further.

2. Give the feet some arches

IKEA LACK side table hack
Photo Credit: @our_bears_home

Inspired by coffee tables she saw, Kate decided to transform the table set to feature elegantly arched legs. She cut out arch shapes from 6mm MDF with a jigsaw. She then stuck them onto the bottom of the table and the sides of the legs. For finishing touches, she primed the set and painted them with Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint. She let the paint dry completely and was done! If you love this IKEA LACK side table hack but don’t have the woodworking tools, here’s an easier table hack using corbels.

3. Hack it into a sculptural accent table

IKEA LACK side table hack
Photo Credit: Decorlovin.com

Briana’s extensive makeover elevates the square end table into a high-end sculptural side table that looks and feels luxe. To make the round base, she used round Quikrete 8″ tubes cut into 18″ sections. The legs are glued to each other and the base of the tabletop. Once the glue had cured, she covered the entire table with plaster of Paris. After the plastic had fully set, she sanded it down and sealed it with a few sprays of clear topcoat. The last step is to place it next to the sofa and move on to styling.

4. Make them into accent tables

IKEA LACK side table hack
Photo Credit: Casa Refined By Jorge | Youtube

Youtuber Jorge shows us 2 different bases for the LACK table, turning them into a home decor piece. One has the slatted base recessed below the tabletop. The second has the base along the top of the table, creating a more robust square coffee table.

5. Art Deco coffee table

Art deco side table
Photo Credit: Mark Montano

We love Mark’s surprising take on the LACK. It goes Art Deco, bordering on maximalism. Mark made the decorative pieces from plywood, cut with a jigsaw. Each piece is then painted in glossy black and edged with a metallic paint pen. Mark painted the entire side table with the same black gloss paint to match. He then used the E-6000 adhesive to glue the decorative panels to the corners of the table.

6. Make it a disco side table

Mirror mosaic on LACK side table
Photo Credit: @cosmiclaundry

Get ready to disco with this throwback furniture hack. This IKEA hack is as easy as busting a move on the dance floor. All you need to do is add some mirror mosaic tiles, and voilà! You’ll have a groovy and glamorous mirrored side table fit for a cameo on Saturday Night Fever.

7. Reconfigure the assembly

IKEA LACK side table hack
Photo Credit: @therehablife

JP Strate figured out an alternative way to assemble two LACK side tables together. The table top from the second LACK goes under the legs. The legs from the second table are shortened and glued together to form a square base for the LACK to sit on. A lovely modern side table.

8. The TikTok Tile table

Tiled side table
Photo Credit: April Reade

TikTok made her do it. The viral tile table caught April’s eye, and she just had to try it out. She used 2×2″ tiles, which were just right for the LACK table’s dimensions.

9. Use the side table for extra seating

LACK ottoman hack
Photo Credit: Mekenzie

If you need extra seating in your living room, try this ottoman hack. Wrap the tabletop in foam and the fabric of your choice. Embellish with nailhead pins if you want to up the glam factor. They also work as a cocktail ottoman, snack table, or to display your latest magazines.

10. A rustic coffee table that no one will believe it’s IKEA

Rustic table
Photo Credit: Ad Balvers

What a difference the slab of extra thick, stained pine wood makes. When cutting the tabletop, Ad recommends a 1″ overhang on all sides. Center it on the LACK, ensuring the overhang is balanced. Attach the wood top to the original table via screws from the bottom. And voilà, a rustic IKEA coffee table.

11. A cat hammock side table

LACK side table with cat hammock
Photo Credit: @productdesign.cavc

A student project, but it does work. You’ll need to assemble two LACK tables and add some cute feet if necessary. Then, within the space, hang a cat hammock from the four corners of the table. Cut MDF boards into the shape you want. Then use screws to install them and cover up all 4 sides of the table for kitty privacy. A cozy hideout for your cat.

12. Side table turned indoor dog house

Side table with dog house
Photo Credit: Rafaela

Rather than discarding an old red LACK table, Rafaela turned it into a cute dog house for her pup. She turned the LACK side table upside down and used a peel-and-stick shelf liner to decorate the table. She used a roll-on beach mat to create the canopy and a few nails to keep it in place. Pup loves it!

13. As a Command Centre Chalkboard 

Table top to chalkboard
Photo Credit: Adan

A quick reminder of to-dos before you leave the house. All you need is the top of the IKEA LACK side table, Chalkboard Paint, and picture hangers for this easy DIY chalkboard.

14. As wall art

Table top to wall art
Photo Credit: Mike

The LACK’s square dimensions are also great for displaying art. Think of the tabletop as a square canvas, then create as you wish. You can wrap the table tops in masking tape like Mike did. Or use fabric. You can try decals, too.

15. As a mobile kitchen island

Stacked lack as kitchen island
Photo Credit: Sara

No space for a kitchen island? Stack two of the LACK side tables and secure them to each other. Then, add wheels. There you have it: a mobile compact kitchen island cart.

So if you have an IKEA LACK side table or two stashed somewhere, all wobbly or scratched up, don’t throw them out yet. There are always ways to make them into something useful again. And if you do, share them with us at IKEA Hackers.

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