8 hacks & ideas for a cozy bedroom: Fresh Start 2020

cozy bedroom ideas ikea hacks
Photo: Christopher Jolly

Cozy bedroom ideas for a more restful 2020.

The bedroom. Probably the most intimate of spaces and the place where you are most at home.

cozy bedroom ideas ikea hacks
Photo: Christopher Jolly

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What can you do to give your bedroom a new calm? I’ve rounded up 8 IKEA hacks which can help turn your bedroom into a restful oasis.

#1 Refresh your curtain

Is your plain IKEA curtains looking dull? Revive them by stencilling an eye-catching pattern on them. Or you can hand paint a sweet motif like how Jenny Komenda did on the IKEA RITVA curtains.

painted IKEA RITVA curtains

Credit: Juniper Home

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#2 Display your fashion

You’ve got great taste and it should be on display. Use the IKEA LERBERG bracket (discontinued, available on Amazon) to hang your favourite outfits or your #OOTD. An alternative bracket is the PERSHULT.

IKEA LERBERG as hangers

Credit: LivetHemma

A dressboy can also do the trick — very handy for laying out the next day’s outfit. See the dressboy hack here.

IKEA Dressboys - cozy bedroom ideas

#3 Make use of space under the bed

For the less beautiful things, find a place to store them well.

Now, a bed occupies a lot of floor space. Square footage that can otherwise be used as storage. Redeem that space with a platform bed.

IKEA SEKTION storage bed

It’s not an easy hack though. For the less handy, there are other ways to make use of the space beneath the bed.

IKEA offers a good range of underbed storage comprising boxes and drawers. I especially like the MALM underbed storage drawers and they are a fabulous choice if you have a MALM bed or another suitable bed frame.

Alternatively, if you have an old dresser that you no longer use, hack it into a set of underbed storage drawers like the one pictured below.

Underbed storage - cozy bedroom ideas

#4 Create a new headboard

While we’re still talking about the bed, let’s focus on the headboard. A new headboard is a surefire way of updating your bedroom.

For a rustic feel, go for natural materials like cane. A cane headboard is easier than you think. See the tutorial here.

cane headboard - cozy bedroom ideas

If you prefer a more luxurious style in your bedroom, this headboard hack from IKEA may be the one for you. It uses the MALM bed frame as the starting point and velvet (from the SANELA curtains) for a touch of glam. See the tutorial here.

velvet headboard - cozy bedroom ideas

Credit: IKEA.com

#5 Get the right nightstands

Bedside tables that are too small or too low in proportion to your bed and room will look awkward. They should be as high as your bedding. Add legs to increase height, paint and stain to get the nightstands to fit your decor. See the tutorial for this serene driftwood stained nightstand.

driftwood stain nightstand - cozy bedroom ideas

If you’re a minimalist. try this floating bamboo nightstand for size.

floating bamboo nightstand

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#6 Dress it up

This IKEA MALM dressing table is fancied up into a Makeup Vanity with the addition of a mirror, hair appliance caddy and drawer handle. Get the details here.

good morning vanity

Don’t have the luxury of space? Check out this wall mounted beauty bar.

wall mounted beauty bar

#7 Add in a mirror

A lovely mirror completes your closet area. This IKEA MONGSTAD Mirror makeover takes the plain mirror frame and gives it greater depth and texture. See how it’s done here.

mongstad mirror hack

Here’s another which may be perfect for the space above your nightstand. Star mirror tutorial here.

star mirror hack

#8 Hush it down

Quieten your bedroom for more restful sleep. These ODDLAUG sound absorbing panels dampen annoying sounds from chitter-chatter, the clattering of pots and pans in the kitchen or the sounds on TV.

ODDLAUG sound dampening panels - cozy bedroom ideas

ODDLAUG sound absorbing panels | IKEA.com

Furthermore, you can customize your panel by piecing them together however you like. Each piece has a different color on the front and back so you can set your own style. They make a whimsy room divider too.

What are your ideas for a cozy bedroom?

What other hacks and ideas do you have for in creating your dream, cozy bedroom? Do let us know in the comments below.

Jules Yap