IKEA TV and Entertainment Center Hacks


Right here, we'll explore some of the best IKEA entertainment center hacks that will help you design a beautiful and practical space for all your Netflix-and-chill needs. 

We have some ingenious IKEA hacks like this built-in TV wall, a sprawling bookshelf TV console that's a main focal point of the room to a small TV stand that takes up hardly any space.

Whether you prefer large entertainment centers with plenty of storage, to a simple minimal TV stand, we have DIY projects to inspire you to create the best entertainment center for your space.      

IKEA BESTÅ entertainment centers

The IKEA BESTÅ cabinets are a popular choice for entertainment centers as the modular system allows for customization options to create the entertainment center to best meet your needs.

You can combine frames, shelves, legs, and doors in various ways to achieve a unique look. A fabulous combination for a BESTÅ TV unit is to use a BESTÅ TV bench, with NANNARP legs, and three doors to create a sleek entertainment center for under $300.

But, on IKEA Hackers, there is more than one way to make a media console. See our selection of BESTÅ entertainment center hacks for more ideas.

Made to measure Bestå and oak TV bench

Made to measure Bestå and oak TV bench

Materials: Bestå shelf unit with doors and 2 Hammarp Countertop Oak Step 1: Go to IKEA and buy the Bestå shelf unit with doors and two Hammarp Countertop, oak. Step 2:…

Dressing up the BESTA

Dressing up the BESTA

My husband and I just finished remodeling our basement and wanted to create a built-in media center and bar on adjacent walls. Because they would be in the same sightline,…

Home Theater Media Center Besta Hack

Home Theater Media Center Besta Hack

Moved to small studio in NYC and wanted media center to be clean with no wires and extra storage. Designed it on ikea’s website and built for around $700. Check…

Better than Besta

Better than Besta

Materials used: 2 Ikea Besta bookshelves / 1 piece of Alder plywood (4′ x 8′)/ stain, screws, and glue We recently moved in to our new house in Phoenix area…


The IKEA HEMNES is one of the more expensive ranges at IKEA as it features a solid wood construction. This series offers a TV unit already, so you're off to a good start in customising the HEMNES. A popular combination is to flank the TV unit with the HEMNES bookcases for a media center with plenty of storage.

But that can be a tad bland, so scroll on for more ideas on making your HEMNES entertainment center a lot more interesting.

KALLAX as TV consoles

The KALLAX series is known for its minimalist, square design. And one of the most regularly hacked pieces of IKEA furniture. If you're looking for a simple yet functional TV stand design, look no further than the KALLAX. 

IKEA used to carry a KALLAX TV unit (similar to the LAPPLAND) with space at the center of the frame for a TV. That sadly is discontinued, but you can still hack a similar TV stand using the standard KALLAX shelving unit. 

Besides that, there are so many ways to use the KALLAX. Stack two units horizontally or vertically, depending on your room layout, to create a modern and airy entertainment center. Additionally, you can accessorize the KALLAX with doors, drawers, or inserts to increase storage options and add visual interest.

IKEA kitchen cabinets for media storage

Not expecting to see the IKEA kitchen series on this list?

The SEKTION or METOD range is so versatile, you can actually use them as living room storage, and they won't look out of place. The key is to pick the right kitchen cabinet frames to fit its purpose as a TV stand.

To make a TV stand, the frame of choice is the fridge top cabinet, which carries a slimmer profile than most kitchen cabinets. Flip the door around so it opens downward and wrap the frame in wood for an excellent wall-mounted media console.  

BILLY Bookcase Entertainment Centers

The IKEA BILLY bookcase can also be an excellent choice for a media center. With its flexible shelving system, the BILLY bookshelf offers ample storage for your media and electronic devices.

It's not too expensive which means you can add as many bookcases as needed. And from there easily make a built-in entertainment center for a large TV, at a fraction of the cost of a custom built-in media unit.

LACK shelves for simple TV stands

Not to be overlooked is the modest IKEA LACK series. The tall IKEA LACK TV unit is the cheapest TV stand you can find on IKEA, while its sleeker brother, is so hackable and readily morphs into a handsome piece of furniture.

View all our LACK TV stand hacks

What style of IKEA entertainment center?

IKEA furniture is so versatile you can literally create any style of TV stands and media consoles that you like. From Farmhouse to Mid-Century-Modern to Minimalist, there's an IKEA hack to help you achieve the style you desire.

1. Built-in Look

A great IKEA hack for an entertainment center is to create a built-in look by using IKEA kitchen cabinets. Assemble the cabinets according to IKEA instructions and then put them in place. Add trim to the sides and tops to achieve a seamless built-in appearance.

View more built-in entertainment center hacks.

2. Rustic Industrial

A popular IKEA item to use to achieve the industrial look is the IKEA VITTSJÖ. You can add wooden crates or distressed wood paneling as your own personal touch to give it a more rustic feel.

View more rustic industrial entertainment center

3. Farmhouse style

Farmhouse-style entertainment centers often require a creative mix of IKEA units and your own DIY touches. Start with the IKEA storage unit of your choice like the BESTÅ unit or HEMNES. Then add wooden beams, shiplap, or barn-style doors as accents. You can also paint the cabinet units in a light color or add a distressed finish to give it that authentic farmhouse aesthetic.

4. Mid-Century Modern

To achieve the look of a Mid-Century Modern TV stand, the easiest DIY is to replace some furniture legs and attach era-appropriate door pulls, like in this IKEA STOCKHOLM hack that made it totally un-IKEA.

5. Floating TV stand

Optimize space while keeping a neat and tidy look by floating your TV or TV stand. Install BESTÅ unit to the wall to create a wall-mounted minimalist TV stand. Or you can even float your TV by mounting it to IKEA posts like the ELVARLI (or the discontinued STOLMEN) to lift your TV off the floor.

6. Hidden TV hack

Hide your TV behind lift-top doors or make it disappear altogether with the use of a projector.

All our TV and Media Furniture Hacks

Convert a Ribba picture frame to a cool kitchen television

Convert a Ribba picture frame to a cool kitchen television

Materials: Ribba Description:  This is our new Ikea hack. Convert a Ribba picture frame to a cool kitchen television. Our old LCD TV hit the floor by accident, but the LCD TV worked, but the frame was broken. So I mounted it in a Ribba picture frame, cut the white…

Besta TV storage combination + legs

Besta TV storage combination + legs

Materials: Besta TV storage combination Description: Besta TV storage combination + wooden 10 legs, and LED backlite. ~ Lucas, Polska  

Clean Oppli front

Clean Oppli front

Materials: Oppli, Billy backside, speaker fabric, glue, magnetic catch, Description: I decided to do something about the looks of my Oppli when I had bought my new reciever. I saw this earlier hackhttps://ikeahackers.net/2010/08/contemporary-concealed-entertainment.htmland thought I could do something similar. I visited Ikea and bought a thin mdf-board from the bargain corner, possibly…

Turn your EXPEDIT 5×5 into a TV-Center

Turn your EXPEDIT 5×5 into a TV-Center

Materials: Expedit, Wood, Saw Description: I think this is a first time Expedit to TV-Center conversion, and I’m doing it a little different from IKEA. First off, I chose the 2nd and 3rd row from the bottom for my TV as it is a better height for viewing from a sofa. Secondly…

Hacking a sad white EXPEDIT with PALLETS!

Hacking a sad white EXPEDIT with PALLETS!

Materials: EXPEDIT and DIODER Description: Hey guys! Here’s my latest work, the base is (again) a sad white IKEA’s Expedit cabinet hacked with pallets. I’ve suspended it, drilled and cut in different points to hide wires and added a colored IKEA’s LED stripe to get an even cooler look! Due to its…

Lack flexy rack

Lack flexy rack

Materials: Lack side table / coffee table Description: The hifi rack consists of seven side tables and one coffee table. The legs are made of M24 treaded rods. The shelves are fixed to flat bars. The side table shelves are filled with solid wood under the flat bars, the coffee table shelves…

Udden TV Solution

Udden TV Solution

Materials: Some Udden kitchen cabinets Description: We were looking for a TV/living room solution. Our daughter turns 11months in a few days and she loves to use any furniture as a steeldrum. So we decided to buy cheap and simple furniture until she visits school 😉 For our living room we bought…

The Besta tv cabinet for a tight spot

The Besta tv cabinet for a tight spot

Materials: Besta Tofta Doors, Kitchen hingesDescription: I Needed to build a gloss white TV cabinet that would fit in a very precise space. I cut down Besta Tofta doors to make the cabinet then fitted smaller doors to the front with Ikea push open/close fittings. ~ Scott Bettesworth, Burntwood, Staffs…

JBL speakers in BESTA cabinet

A “heard but not seen” IKEA x JBL speaker cabinet

My “IKEA featuring JBL” is a speaker cabinet hack. This hack is in the “noticed but not seen” category! I was disappointed with the Sony sub I had and also wanted a very clean installation in my living-room. So an idea grew in my mind and after some calculation I…

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